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Title: A new record
Post by: RichardL on 30.03. 2008 16:00
10 AM CDT - 33 people viewing the Forum
Title: Re: A new record
Post by: fido on 31.03. 2008 13:00
Haha. I was wondering how you knew how many were online as I could not see it recorded anywhere on the home page. I then discovered I had the "Info Centre" bit minimised. It's been like that for some months now and I thought the format of the page had been altered. I no longer got the list of recent posts but that's now restored so I am less likely to miss new threads  *smile*
Title: Re: A new record
Post by: a10gf on 14.04. 2008 19:03
There has been a day with 50 ! Many of these visits are from yahoo, google and msn, not people actually reading anything, but the forum is getting widely available trough these search sites, so anybody can easily find their way to all the great content that has been contributed.