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Title: Smoke signals!
Post by: gold33 on 08.10. 2011 11:20
G'Day All,

Been getting everything ready for the big ride.
The Flash has been sitting for 9 weeks waiting for wheel bearings brake linings new tube and time to assemble.
My first ride today was a little concerning! Started in the usual manner but blowing smoke from the right hand pipe *eek*. Smoke increased with revs
In the time it took to fasten my helmet and pull her off the centre stand I had fouled the right hand plug, a quick run up the road and all was well.

I went for a run of around an hour and a half working the engine on hills and varying the revs from idle through to near W.O.T (not quite but close).
Stopped for a coffee and ended up waiting for the rain to stop, total around an hour and a half. Restart no smoke...
I am going to do a compression test on Monday to see if there is a sizeable difference between left and right. Does this sound like rings or glazed bore or valve guides?
As per Musky's recommendation I adjusted my valves before the last ride and found them to be out by .005 for both exhaust and inlet. (too tight)
Title: Re: Smoke signals!
Post by: kommando on 08.10. 2011 12:33
Sounds like your engine wetsumped during the 9 weeks layoff, drain the sump after the next long layoff and measure what comes out. Ride it more regular is easiest and most pleasurable fix  *smile*.
Title: Re: Smoke signals!
Post by: muskrat on 08.10. 2011 14:41
G'day Darren,
                  kommando might be right (welcome by the way). Did she blow any oil out the breather? Other than that how is she going? You'll have to give her a good 450 km round trip down here, that's less than 1 days ride on your 6 day ride. Sorry I'm not going to make it. Bike nearly fixed (doing battle with a new Indian front guard), I'm better. Got to babysit the GK's for 2 weeks.
Title: Re: Smoke signals!
Post by: gold33 on 09.10. 2011 11:43
Wetsump... That would be a great outcome.
I usually (only left her that long twice before) drain the sump when the weather has stopped me riding for a while, this time I was in a hurry and simply checked the oil level and fired her up.
No smoke today, hopefully the compression test will show them both to be close to even.
Musky, I will try to make a run down your way before I go. I was told GK's are better than the originals because you can give them back after a few hours... two weeks sounds like a long time! ;)