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Title: BSA parts suppliers in Brisbane?
Post by: KiwiGF on 19.10. 2011 10:58
Hi I'm on holiday in Aussie next week and would like to know if there are suppliers of parts worth visiting in Brisbane. Theres no suppliers here in Wellington, NZ.
I've heard Petes Classics in Brisbane is worth a look?
Title: Re: BSA parts suppliers in Brisbane?
Post by: duTch on 19.10. 2011 11:26
Heya KiwiGF -,
                  cuzz-(can't resist),I'm in Brisvegas and found looking in the '70s hard enough, but have also been fairly much off the hunt till recently and not in a loop but these days have more luck on the innernet (as opposed to the outernet!!),also lucky I don't need much and not to say that there's not someone around the corner who I don't know about. If I think of a source I'll let you know   cheers, dutch
Title: Re: BSA parts suppliers in Brisbane?
Post by: muskrat on 19.10. 2011 11:38
I think Cus is up that way.
Title: Re: BSA parts suppliers in Brisbane?
Post by: olev on 19.10. 2011 13:32
Gday Kiwi,
BJ's Bikes and Bits in Woolloongabba can surprise you at times.
They mainly deal in triumphs but have conrod bolts for A7s and A10s for example & cams I think.
Then there is Mike Riley out at Beenleigh. Its worth a trip out there just to have a look in his shed.
There are Spitfires, Super Flashes, Road Rockets, Gold Stars, VTwins .. the lot, all beautifully restored.
Its like a BSA museum. (take a camera)
He also has lots of second hand BSA stuff.
I believe there is a chapter of the BSA club down the Gold Coast but know nothing about them.
Also the gatton swap is on the 29th & 30th and is a must if you are still in the country.
I've emailed you a phone number. Maybe we can hook up and drink beer and tell lies.
There are a lot of long faces here after the Wallabies copped a flogging by your Allblacks in the rugby World Cup.
A total massacre of the French in the final will help.
Title: BSA parts suppliers in Brisbane?
Post by: KiwiGF on 20.10. 2011 09:44
Thanks Cuz
I spent my first 40 odd years in England so won't be swapping allegiance to the AB's so I've also suffered from my team having an early exit from the world cup but I'm with you on hoping the frogs get a thrashing (apologies to any French forum members). We'll always have Waterloo, and Agincourt though  *smile*

I've not been to a swap meet yet so that would be good to go to. I've loads to swap but I'll not be bringing it over from NZ with me!

Here's a couple of pics of where I'm up to with my (first and unplanned) resto project, it's more like a refurb job, as I am not going for originality. I'm finally putting it back together after repairing the frame. I've yet to get the the crank reground, and I've not got all the parts I need yet, I still need a 356 cam and followers, cam and idler bushes, gearbox bushes and pistons, both stands, plus an inner basket for a 6 spring clutch, I've had that basket on order with Draganfly since early June. I'm going to get it on the road with new rego and WOF - and then do something about painting the tins and petrol tank - so I have something left to do. It's got new wheel bearings, brake linings, fork bushes, head bearings, swing arm silent blocs, dynamo and magneto bearings, and a load of work on the frame and wheels.