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Title: Switches
Post by: Butch (cb) on 08.11. 2011 15:16
I'm currently running my A10 with pretty much bog standard electrics. When I leave the bike anywhere I use the steering lock and also slip a chain through the rear wheel. However this leaves all of the eclectics live so to speak. Anyone light fingered can switch on the lights etc at will, and even start the engine. What I'd be interested in is a simple switch that I can tuck away that in one click will isolate the battery and short the magneto.

Is anyone using or does anyone know of such a device?
Title: Re: Switches
Post by: LJ. on 08.11. 2011 17:02
Personally I don't bother with anything but if you should be really worried why not use a spade fuse? just take out the good fuse and put in a blown one.
Title: Re: Switches
Post by: chaterlea25 on 08.11. 2011 17:52
Hi cyclobutch

Ok it will need 2 clicks but one of these will do what you need should

John O R
Title: Re: Switches
Post by: rockthedog on 08.11. 2011 21:33
hi. i just have a fuse link in the tool box. just remove it if i need to .
Title: Re: Switches
Post by: iansoady on 12.11. 2011 12:35
I wouldn't bother about the lights - at worst it will flatten the battery but that will soon charge up again. You could fit a hidden switch in the cutout lead from the magneto (and make sure you tell us all where it is ;) ).
Title: Re: Switches
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 13.11. 2011 09:15
back in the 60's ( remember them ) when it was very profitable to nick old Pommie bikes we used to fit a push pull switch in the tool box with the plunger poking through the rear of the tool box.
When we stopped you just slipped your hand down and made like you were unbunching your trouser legs from behind you knees and flicked the switch off.
Problem was just about every one did the same thing.
The other biggie was a blinker switch on the handle bars opposite ad matching the dip /horn switch.
Beauty of the blinker switch you could wire it 4 different ways and it doubled as a kill switch
Title: Re: Switches
Post by: bsa-bill on 13.11. 2011 10:00
back in the 60's ( remember them )

Oh yes (that means I wasn't there apparently)
Although it was known for bikes to be stolen it was a very rare event up here (NE England)
We used to ride across to Hexham on Saturday nights, park up in a car park near Hexham hospital nurses home *loveit*
We would leave the bikes , helmets , goggles , gloves and jackets on the bikes and they'd still be there when we got back to them - changed days eh.

Oh and you could drink all night and get twenty tabs for two and six (slight exaggeration)
Title: Re: Switches
Post by: tombeau on 13.11. 2011 13:42
I'd be surprised if most of todays generation of toerags would get past the petrol tap/ tickle/ retard /tdc rigmarole to start it.  someone playing with the lights is a pain. If its stolen its most likely to be shoved in a van. light switch is A light switch where the key acts as the knob is a nice idea, like those on MZ, Laverdas and BMWs.
Title: Re: Switches
Post by: Mosin on 14.11. 2011 22:55
I fitted one of these things (not telling you where though  ;))

Although I do agree that it is much more likely that anyone stealing the bike will use a van. It's still handy for isolating the electrics when I'm working on them if nothing else!