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Title: spanner sizing
Post by: Ray on 23.06. 2008 15:39
Hi everyone I?m new to this site, A10 ownership and classic ownership of any kind. My question is one of spanner and socket sizing. I have metric and AF, although I?ve always been able to release and tighten fasteners half of them have not felt the correct size, leading me to worry about eventually rounding nuts and bolts.

It?s a 59 A10 any ideas

Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: LJ. on 23.06. 2008 17:01
Hi Ray! Nice of you to join us and congrats on your new Classic A10 ownership.

Probably like me and the rest of us here you'll be handling many spanners as you switch an swop for the correct fitting one... I find that metric seems to be the most successful on both my A10s. It is important to avoid rounded nuts and bolt heads as you mention. I think that in time when you have spannered most parts you'll find that you know how tight it is from the last time you worked it. A big part of machine ownership is building up that relationship with it so you know just which spanner to pick up when needed.

Good luck and do come back here for help if needed.  *smile*
Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: fido on 23.06. 2008 17:29
You need some Whitworth spanners and sockets. The important ones to get are 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8. Note that the size does not relate to the across the flats measurement so they will be bigger than the sizes would suggest.
Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: a10gf on 23.06. 2008 17:45
Welcome Ray, hope you will find good help here. The same here, 95% of spanners and sockets did not fit anything properly, discovered the withworth world. As a quick help I made up some of the most needed sizes by filing the closest smaller mm or inch.

Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: groily on 23.06. 2008 18:19
Hi Ray and welcome,
It's worth it, it REALLY is, to get a few tools that are correct. Have a look at who have all you could need. Basic needs are as listed by fido and I would try to get some 3/8drive sockets to go with whatever open-end or ring spanners you get. 1/2 drive often can't get onto some of our fasteners. Compared to the hassle and cost of foul-ups, a few tools are inexpensive - a couple of A10 tank's worth of petrol could get a lot of what you need.
Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: RichardL on 24.06. 2008 05:07

Welcome. You will find, here, friendly and, as in my case, sometimes wordy advice and comments.

During my first rebuild of my A10 (during 2003-2006) I had a set of Whitworth sockets and tried to do all of the spanner work with Imperial, metric and adjustable open-end wrenches. For the current build (brought on by an oil-starved big-end bearing) I treated myself to a cheap set of Whitorth combination wrenches, and am I glad. It has greatly reduced the fussing, quickened the work and goes easy on the nuts. One very useful spot to have a 1/4W was in fixing down the barrels. By having a good fit I was able to get a sure grip with the open end while tugging the box end with a fish scale to reach 12-13 ft. lbs. torque on these studs in aluminum (25 lb. on the scale because of the slightly less than 6" lever of the wrench). The 12 ft. lbs. is a figure I got from a torque calculator for 5/16-18 threads in aluminum.

You won't regret spending the money on Whitworth sockets and wrenches. You will want them for as long as you work on British classics. If you decide to give up the bike, you can sell the wrenches with it for enhanced value or separately for near what you paid. From my point of view, you don't need the expensive British-made versions unless you are starting out on a career in British classics or have more money than I know what to do with. Asian-made will likely serve you well.

Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: Ray on 24.06. 2008 08:40
Thanks guys, for both the warm welcome and the information, have just ordered a set of whitworth spanners

Thanks again!

Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: A10Boy on 26.06. 2008 08:27
I was a mechanic in the 70's and used whitworth, bsf, etc a lot. In the 80s and 90s I had various japanese bikes which used Metric, I had a Harley which was A/F.

When I bought my A10 I had to get the old tools out from the back of the shed after maybe 20 years - they felt like old friends..

One tip, never ever use loose fitting spanners you surely will round off the nuts
Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: RichardL on 26.06. 2008 09:39
It's great that we have a Japanese member on this forum (HDhikaru). It would be interesting to know if he has appropriate Whitworth tools to work on his A10, which originated in your country, as you have appropriate metric tools to work on the bikes that originated in his.

Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: Ray on 26.06. 2008 13:48
Ironic isn?t it just bought the same spanners I used to bin 28 years ago when I first got my moped and used to receive handfuls of odd spanners from relatives and friends

Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: LJ. on 26.06. 2008 14:36
Can never throw a tool away even if it appears rusted up and in bad shape. I have cleaned up no end of Dads old tools in my sandblaster, that he was slinging. More to the fact they are worth a bob or two now, only have to look at ebay!
Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: fido on 30.06. 2008 11:37
This one might be a bit too big:
( A Star Bangled Spanner
Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: RichardL on 30.06. 2008 18:43
 I looked this up. It appears at a glance to be pro-American, but is in fact, an anti-American/anti-war statement by the sculptor Peter Adams. It is located in the Blue Mountains 100 mi. west of Sydney, Aus. I suppose I don't have any problem with the anti-war statement, but Adams makes it sound like we all go around acting like George Bush.

Sorry for the politics rant. I know it was for the humor of the photo, only, so, politics aside, Fido, did you ride out to the Blue mountains on the A10? That sounds like it would be sweet.

Title: Re: spanner sizing
Post by: fido on 30.06. 2008 19:01
No, I've not been there, I just like Spoonerisms  ;)