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Title: Brightspark condenser
Post by: ian davies on 06.03. 2012 20:47
Hi. Just wondering if anyone has tried one of these condensers from,
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: a10gf on 06.03. 2012 21:14
Great idea, the k2f met the modern times. And lots of interesting info on that site.
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: RichardL on 06.03. 2012 21:58
I have one in my possession that will be installed in about two weeks.
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: muskrat on 07.03. 2012 06:03
 Just put that site in favorites. Even though I run boyer in both mine, you never know I might go back to magie on the '51. And as a10gf said, lot's of good info.
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: iansoady on 07.03. 2012 11:52
Very interesting site and the item seems reasonably priced and a good idea.
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: renos-a10 on 07.03. 2012 11:59
G'day all,

 Interesting site.
Thanks mate
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: ian davies on 07.03. 2012 21:19
Hi Mano. Let us know how it goes please. Cheers Ian
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: RichardL on 07.03. 2012 22:58
You bet. It will be sooner than two weeks, I beleive, at least for a drill motor test.
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: RichardL on 13.03. 2012 04:01
(Vote for best picture at:,5274.0.html   Vote for whomever, but vote.)


Installed the BrightSpark EasyCap and results appear to be very good. If you've been to the BrightSpark site, you've probabaly seen the videos of the affects of different condenser values. I set up my magento so I could see the points in a mirror while whatching the plugs fire. When I first did this, I only had one plug hooked up and saw some arcing at the points. When I hooked up the other plug, arcing was nonexistent or so slight that I couldn't see it with my method. About my method, I'm afraid I blew any chance of it being good science. I did not set up an off-bike test pre-EasyCap and/or in both states of magnetization, so, I can't say for sure how much better the spark is or what part of improvement is due to magnetization and what part to EasyCap. My thinking is to give most of the credit to the EasyCap, assuming it must be a lot better than a condenser that is 57 years old. I did not put in a new armature coil. My first real test will be in trying to start the bike when I get the mag back in.

Anyway, here's a link to a video of the test.:

Richard L.

Edit: Just looked as some other BrightSpark videos and wonder if mine adds anything to the discussion. Maybe not. Anyway, sorry if I wasted your time.
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: groily on 13.03. 2012 06:23
Pleased you're pleased so far Richard - and that you obviously managed to snip the old capacitor out of circuit OK. Did you find that difficult, or just delicate?
Everything new adds to the sum of knowledge one way or another, so it's good to see the you tube footage. As to why or if the sparks are any better now, could be anything really. Bit more magnetism might encourage nearer 100% regular sparks at low rpm, new capacitor will help if the old one was starting to degrade, simply cleaning up the contact beaker assembly and the slipring and HT pickups etc will also have maybe helped. Fingers crossed the thing goes as well on the bike.
Just to say I've been running my A with one for 9 months now and a good few thousand miles, plus a few thousand miles on my workhorse AMCs over the winter. We're very confident about performance, but then Ken and I at Brightspark "would say that wouldn't we?"  - your opinion is far more valuable!
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: RichardL on 19.03. 2012 00:50
After impossible to start - remagnetized magneto, added EasyCap, set timing, general cleaning of connections: tickle; first kick; vroom.

Richard L.
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: muskrat on 19.03. 2012 08:01
Great stuff Richard. Feels good don't it.
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: RichardL on 20.03. 2012 00:40
Well,  that first start after the magneto work was last night just in the garage.  Today,  I tried again.  NO BAD NEWS HERE.  Started like a champ and rode fantastic.

Richard L.
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: Black Flash on 20.03. 2012 14:02
Great News Richard!
I was wondering if your original not starting problem was a progressively worsening situation or a sudden thing? I'm asking because mine had been getting harder to start when hot and finally wouldn't but starts first or second kick when cold. I would like to do the Brightspark upgrade along with having the mag looked at but not sure if that is the problem yet. Also, I have no experience with a magneto so am looking for a place to do it. Thanks, Gary
Title: Re: Brightspark condenser
Post by: RichardL on 20.03. 2012 16:20

Mine got progressively harder to start without much difference between hot or cold. Before the most recent work, I had ridden on 1/6 and 1/11 (ridiculous, for Illinois) but starting was not a treat. After 1/11, I was not able to start it again, even having developed a right leg the size of Godzilla's (by nature, it was only the size of King Kong's). Not starting when hot, but starting when cold (as I have learned here and by some other reading) is considered a sign of a bad aramature coil. If it wasn't the armature coil, and you are otherwise mechanically inclined, you probabaly could manage the magneto modifications. If it is the coil, you might still go after it but the level of tricky goes way up. In the U.S., just a hop skip and a jump from N.C., is Doug Wood in Pennsylvania. As I hear it, the best place to go in our little neck of the woods. He can be contacted at  Here is quote I got from him:

Remagnetizing the magneto body       $10
Testing the armature                  10
Shipping                              15

Testing the armature consists of measuring
  - residual voltage of the secondary
  - dielectric absorption of the condenser
  - resistance of the primary
  - resistance of the secondary
  - dielectric strength of the primary
  - dielectric strength of the secondary

Tests are conducted with the armature at ambient temperature and then at 150 deg F.

Complete rebuild is around $453.

Finally, I should mention that changing the cap was not all I did to my mag. It got remagnetized and it got a new slip ring (the new brushes are coming).

Richard L.