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Title: 61 A10
Post by: Chrisf1 on 17.07. 2008 11:21
Hi again everyone can anyone in the UK tell me if a super rocket is registered as a super rocket or a gold flash mine has a DA 10R engine number and a GA7 frame yet is registered as a gold flash if it should be registered as super rocket how would I go about getting it changed many thanks Chris
Title: Re: 61 A10
Post by: bsa-bill on 17.07. 2008 11:35
HI Chris - I have three V5c (and a old green continuation book for one of them) for three different A10's, all of them just refer to the model as either A10, two wheeled motorcycle, or even in two cases  the model type is left blank. no mention any where of rockets or flash.

All the best - Bill ( who's just back from getting DSL 739 through its MOT )
Title: Re: 61 A10
Post by: A10Boy on 26.08. 2008 14:40
They will regester it as whatever you can proove it is. The starting point is to get a cert from the BSA owners club, this will tell you the model, date of dispatch and selling agent.
Then send it with the log book to DVLA and they will amend the v5.
Title: Re: 61 A10
Post by: fido on 26.08. 2008 15:05
The identity of the bike is defined by the frame rather than the engine so if that frame was originally fitted to a Flash then it may well have to stay that way on the V5.