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Title: rocket goldstar
Post by: townsends20 on 18.04. 2012 16:26
Hi all
   I know this a controversial subject but I am trying to find out how many genuine rocket goldstars are still around, The reason I am asking is that I am trying to fill in some background information on the rgs. I know  most out of the 1584 made went across the water in the beginning, and a lot have come back home,  I know there are a few in the forum. It would be good to find out were they are in the world and the earliest still surviving. I have an early 62 ? 16thoff out the works with all the matching numbers   ( that?s my interest). The one on e-bay feels to me it's just come home from across the water as it was only registered in 2002 the DVLA will confirm that, not that it maters much! if it's genuine. £21k is a bit much but! If you want it and have got an odd £21k to spare why not.
   I know you might say there is more out there than they made, but with a good inspection they can be sorted and most honest guys will readily say its a replica.
   Thank for the forum.   Steve .
Title: Re: rocket goldstar
Post by: RichardL on 18.04. 2012 16:37
May I suggest you give Andy at Leigh Classics a call (Tel: 01702 512564 He is in Leigh On Sea and builds beautiful RGS replicas with no shame in advertising them as such. I must guess that he would be a good source for such numbers and other rarity information. He is a good guy with an excellent supply of parts. Please tell him Richard from Chicago said hello.

Richard L.
Title: Re: rocket goldstar
Post by: Goldy on 18.04. 2012 16:47
The vintage motorcycle club register machines they may have all the info.