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Title: anybody know any history on my bike, a7 star twin, reg number USY 180
Post by: chicago on 05.05. 2012 22:19
hi there, i hope this is the right section for this post (sorry in advance if not).
a bit of a long shot but has anybody ever owned my bike previously, its a 1953 bsa a7 star twin, reg number usy 180. would be great if i could discover some of her past history.
cheer's in advance. all the best, chicago

UPDATE...ive just discovered this site,
which gives loads info on uk reg plates and the meaning of the letters the reg plates contain, and ive found that the first part of my reg plate, us (usy 180) means that my bike was first registered in glasgow.
very good site and good to see what area your bike was first registerd in.