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Title: Workshop equipment
Post by: Brian on 31.07. 2008 06:41
A lot of the readers of this forum will probably already have one of these or something very similar but I thought I would post something for those who do not.
For many years I had fixed height benches that you had to push a bike up a ramp, not easy if its a large bike. About 6 years ago I bought one of these and it is possibly the best single item I have ever bought for my workshop. As you can see it has a detachable ramp that fits at the back and lowers down to about 150mm off the floor. It has a front wheel clamp but I welded two loops at the front to hook tie downs onto as well. Once you wheel the bike on its a simple matter of using the foot operated pedal to raise to the height you want.
It also has wheels so even if you have a bike on it you can move it around if required.
Mine has a hydraulic jack to operate it but I believe you can get air operated ones as well.
I have seen lots of different ones advertised so it shouldnt be too hard to find one near you where ever you live.
These things really do make working on a bike a lot easier and saves a lot of pushing up ramps which is hard especially if you have a crook back.
For those who dont have something similar I would recommend that you think about getting one when you can.
I hope this is of interest to someone out there, anything that helps us work on our bikes in comfort has to be good.
Title: Re: Workshop equipment
Post by: octane on 31.07. 2008 10:12
Hi Brian
..I totally agree. Having a lift make life so much nicer!

I have two in my workshop.
Here's yours truly replacing the clutch on my supercharged Honda Gl1000
comfortably sitting there on a chair (instead of lying on the floor)

Title: Re: Workshop equipment
Post by: groily on 31.07. 2008 21:16
No doubt about it, ramps are good and make life soooo much easier as we get creaky. I stuck a 4 post hydraulic ramp in my barn a few years ago and it has been fantastic, even if half the time it's clogged up with the neighbours' cars and mine. Takes 3 tons, or 4 bikes without thinking about it, which suits me fine as you can only work on one at a time. Single phase motor too, although like all French paysans I do have a three phase 380v supply.
BUT if anyone asks what is the most useful thing in the shed (and the most enjoyable), it's a lathe. Second is the ramp, third is welding gear various (MIG and oxy/acetylene), fourth is a milling machine. Funnily enough, all cost about the same. ( New oriental millers can be had for less than the second-hand prices of small UK/US/German lathes with accesories). If my shed were smarter I'd take pix and post . . . come to think of it I might anyway!
Oh, and Compressed Air . . .
Title: Re: Workshop equipment
Post by: Brian on 01.08. 2008 07:47
What about a refrigerator full of beer, surely that has to rate as fairly important !!!!!
Title: Re: Workshop equipment
Post by: fido on 01.08. 2008 08:00
I suppose I've never found it a hardship being down on my knees to work on a bike as I'm doing much the same at work, repairing washing machines etc. I would very much like a car ramp like Groily but would need a taller garage. Crawling about under cars is one chore that would be good to avoid by having the right gear.