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Title: Oil Pressure
Post by: muskrat on 03.07. 2012 22:23
 G'day all,
             I gave the cafe an oil & filter (spin on) change before a short 150 mile ride on Sunday. Rode 40 miles to meeting place and was stopped for an hour or so. About a mile or so on before I hit one of my fav hills I noticed I had only 10Lb oil pressure  *eek*. Did a quick check of tank and hoses, plenty going to motor, no leaks. Parked her and borrowed a 550/4 Yam to do the ride. Trailered home and tracked the problem to the oil pressure relief valve. Ball had a mark and spring seemed a little soft. Replaced with a good known one (out of '51), back to 50Lb  *smile*.
 Lucky I have a gauge fitted as I know I would have blown it if I hit the hill as I normally do. That led me to think of how many of our A's have died due to a $1 ball and spring. It will be checked and cleaned every oil change from now on.
I suggest you do yours periodically.
Title: Re: Oil Pressure
Post by: cus on 03.07. 2012 22:34
G'day Muskrat,
Bit scary!! I haven't long replaced spring & ball on the '63, but I will check with oil changes as well,
The A10 flat head cover is a b_sted to get off though, there's not enough room for a socket between it
& the crank case, have you got a A65 domed one?

regards, Cus
Title: Re: Oil Pressure
Post by: nagrod on 04.07. 2012 00:23
this is a bit behind the times but I just had to do a check on the ball and spring on my A10. After making the rounds of all the possible sources for a thin wall socket I ended up buying a 1 1/8 inch and grinding one side of it. It fit right on in between the crank case and the cover and I took it off with no trouble.

Rick D
Title: Re: Oil Pressure
Post by: muskrat on 04.07. 2012 04:59
 Done the same thing Rick as I also have the oil pressure gauge pipe to contend with.
Just a std one Cus.