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Title: Sammy Miller Museum
Post by: Gavin on 22.07. 2012 15:25
Thanks to the blokes who recommended Sammy Millers Bike Museum in New Milton when i enquired a few months ago on the forum. it was a highlight of a great 6 weeks away. it was dry, warm and my wife was more interested in the bikes than i could have imagined... then she found good food in the cafe and was happy with a book, while I took hundreds of pix.

Would gladly go back again.

There is also a "New" museum in London... "the London Bike museum" the young guy there showed us all through the place, due to be opened the next day, and it has a heap of quality bikes, and the young guy just loves the lot. i am sure he has oil in his veins. But that Museum also is well worth a look. with a bit more business it may one day have the same finish and polish as Sammy Millers.
Title: Re: Sammy Miller Museum
Post by: orabanda on 23.07. 2012 00:23
Hi Gavin,
Good to see you are back in dry Western Australia (so much for winter!).
Time to get that Golden Flash fired up and rumbling around Mandurah!!