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Title: BMEC of WA
Post by: The pirate on 31.08. 2012 19:22
Hi guys, are any of the members of this forum also members of the 'British Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club of Western Australia'. If so can you give me a run down on what they are up to now. I was a member in the early eighties. Many years before that, 1970's, I was a member of the Ipswich UK BSA owners club if anyone remembers those times. I remember some good rides down to the Cricklade branch when Polly Palmer was the pres. Gee that was three life times ago.

Have a great day.
Title: Re: BMEC of WA
Post by: orabanda on 01.09. 2012 01:51
They paid me a visit a few years ago, and took this brief video whilst I wasn't watching.

BSA Bill was with them; it was one of his  last rides (from Perth to Melbourne). Bill is standing by the bin, looking at my bikes, in the last bit of the clip.

There are several clips of that ride (and other BMEC runs) on you tube.

The clip below was taken the day after they visited me (in Kalgoorlie). This is at the outskirts of Norseman, with 3,000 miles (and the Nullabor Plain) ahead before they reached melbourne.

Turn up the volume and revel in the sound of the A65; ride on BSA Bill!!!!

Title: Re: BMEC of WA
Post by: olev on 02.09. 2012 10:55
You have posted the same youtube link twice.
Where is the sneaky video of you?
Been spending too much time in Hay St.?

That geared up A65 does sound sweet though.
Title: Re: BMEC of WA
Post by: duTch on 02.09. 2012 11:16
There was another post with two different links, but seems it was deleted instead of this one. I looked at both and saw the bin and the plunger,which sounds sweet, as does B-Bills which I've seen before, the A65-does sound awesome pegging out!!!

cheers duTch
Title: Re: BMEC of WA
Post by: orabanda on 02.09. 2012 13:33
By popular demand!