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Title: Finally justice.
Post by: Topdad on 13.09. 2012 12:41
Sorry in advance for any people who feel this is not relavent to the forum but I feel so strongly about this and feel as though people on the forum are among my friends that i hope you'll indulge me !

I'm based in Liverpool and although originally from Manchester after 49 yrs feel proud to call myself a scouser. For a considerable period of time just mentioning that would bring floods of supposed jokes and derogatory remarks ,usually from people with no knowledge of the city or it's fine people .
This in no small part was reinforced by a certain report from a supposed newspaper about the terrible events at Hillsbrough in 1989 .
Yesterday was one of the few days when my thoughts ,at quieter moments weren't occupied by my plans for the bike ,I was listening to the reports which finally proved beyond any doubt that 96 people lost there lives through a combination of stupidity, lack of forethought and indifference ,compounded by the fact that there fellow fans were then blamed for causing there deaths by the people really responsible!
I and I'm sure most of the people on this forum must applaud and respect the dignity,fortitude hard work and love that has kept the families of those killed seeking the truth of what happened to there loved ones particularly when you consider it's taken 23 yrs!!
Personally I can only thank God or whoever that my Son ,an ardent red , missed a bus ,by 10 minutes on that day, 2 of his friends and classmates didn't and didn't come home.
Once again I apologise, particularly to my friends in other countries, for posting something with no connection to BSA or "A's " but it is as you can tell extremely important to me. Regards and thanks for bearing with me . BobH

Title: Re: Finally justice.
Post by: duTch on 13.09. 2012 13:06
I'm hearing you Bob, weird how chance operates, I seldom use the telly, but had it on this evening and saw reports.
 Way over here in your antipodes, I felt removed from it, didn't cross my mind that I'd be in touch with someone affected.
     I hope your young fella likes the Beeza, and learns his way around it. Hang in there,
  cheers duTch
Title: Re: Finally justice.
Post by: Topdad on 26.04. 2016 13:20
This morning the coroners jury gave  the result of after hearing over 2 yrs evidence ,(nearly 4 yrs since I posted this ) the fans were not to blame . the decision states that " they were unlawfully killed and that the actions of police ch supt Duckinfield contributed to there deaths by his gross negligence " I sincerely hope they throw the book at him and to the families I wish them closure and a little peace (whereas Compton Mckenzie and the Sun scandal sheet ,aren't even worth a curse. ) 
Thanks for your indulgence once , Bob
Title: Re: Finally justice.
Post by: bsa-bill on 26.04. 2016 14:24
OK my me Bob, difficult enough for those concerned to deal with loss but to know that their loss lead to a cover up and media misinformation is just unacceptable, and to take so long to get it sorted is also unacceptable.
Unfortunately I see nothing changing - something should
Title: Re: Finally justice.
Post by: nimrod650 on 26.04. 2016 17:48
no need to be sorry bob justice has been done mr duckinfield has gone into hiding but he may have to come out to face charges himself the truth will out we all share a passion for bikes but support our members in many ways life has dealt an awful  blow the years passed by and tears did flow but now at last the battles won a new begining for everyone
Title: Re: Finally justice.
Post by: muskrat on 26.04. 2016 21:01
You are amongst friends Bob, and we feel your anguish. Why does justice take so long to be served?
Call it fate. Your son was to live and go on to better things.
Title: Re: Finally justice.
Post by: RichardL on 26.04. 2016 22:01

I recall seeing this in the news back when it happened. Of course, we were never as close to the story as those close to the event. I just refreshed myself as to the circumstances. It may sound odd, but I consider myself fortunate that your son avoided this disaster. The friend that you are has, in part, been shaped by these events. It is terrible to know that his friends perished for such stupidity. I am not taking lightly what must have been your relationship with those boys. I feel close with most of my son's friends and would be devastated if such a thing happened to them. I hope the families of all 96 get some moral relief from this. The pain of the loss won't change.

Richard L.
Title: Re: Finally justice.
Post by: WozzA on 27.04. 2016 00:10
They showed it on the NEWS this morning which jogged my memory,
Family, friends, witnesses, supporters, & those who just wanted to see justice FINALLY done were standing arm in arm outside the court singing " You'll never walk alone"    *wink2*
Title: Re: Finally justice.
Post by: Topdad on 27.04. 2016 15:04
Many thanks again for your indulgence ,kind words and understanding , they have been passed on to my Son and soon to  His friends ,I personally was very touched by the comments which certainly made a weird but good day that much better ,once again thank you all  Bob Sue and our lot  *respect*
Title: Re: Finally justice.
Post by: Joolstacho on 28.04. 2016 10:39
Yep, solidarity fellers, WE walk together... not alone.