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Title: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: Brian on 05.10. 2012 00:35
If you reckon you paid too much for your BSA then check this out.

UK      £225,000
AUS    $355,000
US      $364,000
EURO  ?279,000

That is a lot of money.
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: muskrat on 05.10. 2012 08:54
 The '51 cost me a carton of beer and a tank of petrol in '81, the '57 was $2K in '90 and the '64 a grand 12 months ago. The Rhonda Whore a grand 5 years ago and the '76 XT500 was $200 in '86. My house didn't cost that much  *eek*.
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: Goldy on 05.10. 2012 09:37
It just shows that the value of any bike is whatever someone is prepared to pay.
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: fido on 05.10. 2012 11:54
With these sort of unexpected prices I tend to suspect money laundering if very high and tax evasion if very low. I was looking at info. about house prices provided by the UK land registry and there was a 12 bedroom manor house with equestrian stables that went for £100,000. There were photos of the place and it was immaculate so was probably worth £2 million or more.
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: a10gf on 05.10. 2012 12:16
Nice bike at a price ...I may afford to buy it's fine clock :O)
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: andy on 05.10. 2012 14:15
hahahaha i`m sorry but never in the memmory of man is any motorcycle worth that much don`t care how rare it is or who owned it....we all think our own that we built up out of bits an bobs and spent many a hour skin scraping *work* thumb bashing wink2 head pounding *problem* to build is worth a lot more.  *whistle* *smile*
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: bsa-bill on 05.10. 2012 16:45
I rode pillion on a Rapide a few times, if I could find the jeans I wore then (long gone but I could lie) I could get a tidy sum I reckon due to there reflected past glory *whistle*
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: pato08 on 05.10. 2012 23:16
Mine came as per my avitar and set me back 1200 quid 3 year ago
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: Gavin on 06.10. 2012 10:18
The biggest price I paid for mine was the 35 years it sat in boxes in the shed. Now that I have it complete and on the road.... it gets ridden as often as possible.

The cheapest price I paid was the $100 back in mid 1970 for what you see.

While I will never get the  reasonable pot of money invested much later back should I ever sell the bike, the satisfaction of riding your own resto is priceless.
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: Topdad on 11.10. 2012 14:53
My P&J ,a '59 a7ss ,cost me £25 in 1967 ,me aged 17 at the time ,came in 3 tea chests completely refurbed by Victor Horsmans (liverpool )apprentices who before butting it together ( in bedroom 2 floors up in a tower block ) got moved to a smaller workshop . Lovely bike .In she's now a little like that broom you've owned for 40 yrs ,only had 4 new handles and 6 heads , has it was stolen and after 7 mths returned to me , then whilst stored the engine went with the front wheel,forks , gearbox and tank taken by some low life .She's now morphed into an A10 with new box and front wheel ,tank and forks . Like Gavin would never get back what was spent second time around but for all the fun,enjoyment and memories she's given me I think she's priceless. regards BobH
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: metalflake11 on 11.10. 2012 18:20
£75 for the A10 in '79. It was supposed to be £150, but somebody had put ordinary nuts and bolts through the conrods. They lasted about 100 miles before the scraping and knocking started.
 Â£500 for the 1978 T140 Bonnie three years ago. Not the bargain you may think it was though sadly.
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: pedrochapala on 11.10. 2012 23:31
i paid $1020 cdn for my '53 a10 about 18 years ago and put many thou in it since. you will pry my dead hands from it! maybe soon- it's in better shape than i am but that's because it's 10 years younger-jaja!
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: a10gf on 12.10. 2012 11:38
Well, compared to what in the past has been spent\lost\wasted on cars, modern motorcycles, women, tobacco etc etc, the a10 was\is a great investment & a great hobby  *smile*
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: Seabee on 12.10. 2012 12:50
The 61 was free (in boxes)for painting a friends pickup in 1998!  The 57 was $2K US as a chopper.  It will be on the road very soon in it's original intended form (after 3K in parts and many hours)!
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: Pete Gray on 13.10. 2012 00:58
My A7 was purchased for £45 in 1972, a runner but only for a day after which she let go of the LH conrod !
A "found" engine 3 years later took her out of my dad's shed and we've never looked back, goodness knows how much I've spent on her since but all well worth it.
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: WozzA on 19.10. 2012 07:47
Nope.... BUT it's getting there..   *conf*
picked her up in boxes & plastic crates last year for $2000
New Wheels have been the major money spent so far...
& I still got a long way to go...   *eek*  I guess it's a labor of love...
Thank god for this forum & it's members who have helped me out...
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: K1100 on 19.10. 2012 12:45
I got carried away on Ebay three months ago and paid more than I planned for my 1954 A10 ... £4,300. The bidding was keen because of the bike's history, I think ... at least, that's what motivated me. A lot of work by SRM, an obviously technically sympathetic owner, very neat Hepco+Becker panniers and a full history complete with original running-in instructions. Three oil leaks and a minor difficulty with the brakes in days immediately after collection made me briefly think I had made a mistake  but there's only one oil leak left to solve, this forum is superb, *smile*I have done 300 enjoyable miles in recent weeks and see no reason why it won't get me to Norway next summer so I'm happy.
Title: Re: Was your BSA expensive ?
Post by: townsends20 on 19.10. 2012 15:57
This bike came free of charge!! with no paperwork out of an old leaky shed it had been there complete striped including the engine, in old tea chests boxes  sitting there for the last 35 years. All the boxes fell apart when moved and I had to use a wheelbarrow to move it all, it looked like a hopeless case with no cycle parts worth keeping, the frame was OK as it was off the ground.
    Well when I got around to cleaning it up to see what parts were worth selling on because as it was in such a bad state I was surprised when I got to the frame number it read GA10.116. Yes it turned out to be a genuine 62 rocket goldstar with the matching engine number this made it one of the first RGS to be made as they started from 101. After a year of  research and paperwork I managed to register it with the original reg number. I finished this bike last year and have been giving it a good work out this year ( in-between the rain) it is going great.    It was well worth the two years and about £4000 to get this icon of the BSA  back were it should be. I am just glad that it didn?t go to the scrap yard as it was going to go if a friend hadn?t asked me to help him to clear out his shed.