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Title: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: Brian on 25.10. 2012 04:13
I was looking through some parts books this morning and happened to notice this. Attached is a scan from the 54' to 57' parts book.

The thing that caught my attention is under the 1954/55 swingarm models. It lists a Star Twin as well as the Shooting Star.

So the question is did they make a swingarm Star Twin as well as the Shooting Star or is it simply a mistake in the book. I have never seen a swingarm Star Twin.

Just curious.
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: duTch on 25.10. 2012 11:14

 Artistic license- no info for the printer after lunch last day of the working week??
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: Stephen Foster on 25.10. 2012 13:38
"Brian" , am by no means certain but I think this may have been a U.S.A only name for the A7 "Shooting Star" ?
Also think there was an A50 named "Star Twin" ?

Steve ..
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: trevinoz on 25.10. 2012 22:35
Might be like the swinging arm Super Flash, Brian, only a few made.
I note that the Super Flash is not on your list.

                   The first A50/A65 bikes were listed as "Star", not "Star Twin".

Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: Brian on 25.10. 2012 23:08
I searched through all my books and info looking for the swingarm Super Flash as I remembered you posting a pic of one some time ago Trev. I could only find them listed in one list and that was one compiled by a Steve Foden in 1997. That book lists the engine numbers as CA10S 101 for a swingarm Super Flash but doesnt give any frame numbers.

It seems there might have been some very small numbers of unusual models built right at the point they introduced the swingarm frame.
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: trevinoz on 25.10. 2012 23:22
                 I have a list of frame and engine numbers for the Super Flash, hand written, probably copied from the dispatch book.
Looks like there were only 19 made.
Have a look and see if you can decipher some of the destinations.

Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: Brian on 26.10. 2012 00:19
I cant make many of them out, the stand out one is Bennett and Wood so at least one came to Australia. There is one that looks like Arlington Cycles, there is a Arlington Cycles in the states but who knows. Another one looks like Cliftonville but there seems to be Cliftonville's all over the world.

The engine numbers run in sequence but the frame numbers dont. It would seem they made the engines as a batch but used a frame as required, maybe built to order. The frame numbers are all low in number so they could probably have been built in late 53' very early 54'.

One thing is for certain, if I ever come across a set of crankcases with CA10S stamped on them I will definitely buy them !

Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: trevinoz on 26.10. 2012 00:42
Looks like 5 came to Australia, Brian.
My mate was contacted by one of the original owners a few years ago hoping that he may have his bike.
That's where the pictures came from but the bloke went away disappointed.
That was the first that I had heard of them.
The dates of dispatch seem to be late '53 to early '54.
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: Brian on 26.10. 2012 01:33
Thats very interesting. As I remember from your photo they were a nice looking bike.

I wonder if the swingarm Star Twin was a similar thing, maybe the 500cc version of them.

Oh well, probably never see one but its always nice to dream.
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: Billybream on 26.10. 2012 07:20
Just seen the Super Flash mentioned, and remembered a bike was featured in Classic Bike back in Dec 1995 (just kept interesting articles on A10 etc). "Only around 700 were made for the US market, but the bike featured in Classic Bike is in Oz. It was one of eight imported to Oz by Bennet and Wood of Sydney, this bike was owned by John Cochrane, Central Coast, Sydney. It looks like an early attempt at a RGS, but its a beauty, something about the plunger framed models that sets me off.
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: Brian on 26.10. 2012 07:24
The bikes we are refering to here Billy are swingarm frame ones.

The Super Flash that most articles refer to are plunger frame models like the one in the article you have mentioned. We have a forum member that has a pair of plunger Super Flashes.
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: duTch on 27.10. 2012 09:06
 I took a blast up to Gatton swap this morning, Mike Reilly was one of the first folk I encountered.
 I asked him, as he knows of at least two (very nice) Super Flashes, and I think is the Secretary of the State BSOC.
He assured me that 17 Swing Arm versions were made (and did make a reference to 'despatch records'), kind of a prelude to the Road Rocket, 5 came to Oz, one of which is known to exist down Sydney way, seemed to think some of the other 12 went to Scandinavian climes.
 Also said they're probably one of the rarest BSA's

 That's my 5 cents worth, cheers, duTch

  nb-details amended
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: trevinoz on 27.10. 2012 22:17
This is CA10S 106.
The horn has been changed for a "Rising Sun" type, made by RVB in Australia.
A nice looking bike, BSA should have just fitted an alloy head to this model and called it the Road Rocket instead of the heavy looking job they made.
Count the numbers on the dispatch page, Dutch. 19 were made.

Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: Brian on 28.10. 2012 02:26
I want one !

A very nice looking bike, like Trev said they should have stuck a alloy head on and sold as it was. This is basically a RGS without the head.

I've often thought if I could find a basket case 54' or 55' I would build a bike how I thought it should be and that bike is it.

Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: duTch on 28.10. 2012 08:47

  Hi Trev, yes I did count the numbers when I first read your post- 19 , which is why I asked Mike twice(or at least once and a half) and he assured me 17, and he did say according to 'despatch records'.
  I'm only passing on what I was told, and this is out of my league, so if you want to call him I think he's on the Qld BSAOC list, if you want I can give his phone # via PM
 Cheers duTch

 Yes Brian I'm with you which is how I started building mine- kind of a bit like the Vincent 'Black Lightning'- but long before I'd even heard of one, via the song Cheers
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: Brian on 28.10. 2012 09:17
I've searched every bit of literature I have plus spent hours on the net and I can only find one very small reference to them.

There is a website dedicated to the Super Flash and he has one very small remark.

"The most significant change was to use a swing arm frame on some of the very last models shipped in late '53 and early '54."

Definitely a model that virtualy no one knows about.

Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: MG on 28.10. 2012 09:59
FWIW, the consignee of CA10S113 looks like "Hinteregger". Hinteregger was the name of the general importer for Ford and BSA in Austria, starting right after WW2 for several years, so could fit indeed!
Hmm, if it still exists, how can I find this bike...  ???? *smile*
Relevant information can be submitted to me and will be rewarded with a cold drink of your choice.  ;) *beer*

Cheers, Markus
Title: Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
Post by: spanersc on 01.11. 2012 09:38
Hi All. Going back to the start. I first became aware of a Swinging Arm Star-Twin when I found a pair of 'CA7S' cases at the Netley jumble. At first I thought someone had been enhancing a standard A7 number by adding the 'S' but with a little research I found out that Swinging arm Star-Twins were produced. The information I have states 'as BA7S plunger Star-Twin but with a swinging arm frame' it also seems to imply that the alloy head was only for the Shooting-Star model introduced at the same time, so does this mean Cast Iron head on the A7 ST S/A? It also states that the vast majority were despatched to Sweden. Was this just different market forces? or a slightly cheaper Shooting-Star?  It would be really good if someone could come up with a photo of a original swinging arm Star-Twin, Any chance?  Regards, Peter