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Title: SORN
Post by: Goldy on 24.12. 2012 10:29
Don't know if any one else in the uk has noticed but the Government have changed the requirement for SORN         (statuatory off road notification). It not longer has to be renewed annually, and will now remain so until the DVLA are notified otherwise. How sensible.
Title: Re: SORN
Post by: alanp on 24.12. 2012 10:56
That's news to me Goldie. If it sounds too good to be true  etc etc.
Where can we find the details?
Title: Re: SORN
Post by: Goldy on 24.12. 2012 19:54
Title: Re: SORN
Post by: alanp on 25.12. 2012 13:40
Thanks, that's great!
Title: Re: SORN
Post by: fido on 31.08. 2013 16:10
Is this definite? I never get the reminders as no post is ever forwarded from my UK address. Last time I was in UK I had to pay a fine for failing to notify.
Title: Re: SORN
Post by: bsa-bill on 31.08. 2013 16:14
Just received my Sorn reminder about a week ago ???
did it online, there was also an option to tax it provided you had an MOT (61 Flash needing a paint job)
Title: Re: SORN
Post by: Derby Rob on 31.08. 2013 16:35
hi,just looked on gov web site ,and a far as i can see you must renew every year.but i stand to be corrected,

Title: Re: SORN
Post by: fido on 31.08. 2013 18:21
Looks like reading this thread is going to cost me a lot of money! I still have 4 UK registered vehicles including the BSA and the SORN had expired on 3 of them. I have done them online just now. *sad2*
Title: Re: SORN
Post by: sparx on 01.09. 2013 05:57
The words to note on that site are "is to be" and "cut red tape".
  They don't appear to have done the former and the latter usually just involves rearranging the deck-chairs.
I've had my A10 on SORN for this last year and received the standard "tax it or declare SORN" letter a few weeks ago so it would appear there is no change to the regulations at this time.
  With the changes to the MOT legislation for historic vehicles (no longer required for pre-1960 vehicles) and a requirement for continual insurance even if the bike is in cardboard boxes waiting for a rebuild SORN has become a little redundant for MOT exempt (historic) vehicles. It costs nothing to either SORN or "tax" so you may as well get an excise licence.
Title: Re: SORN
Post by: fido on 01.09. 2013 07:25
I didn't know I also had to insure them! I knew they were talking about that at one time but had not heard that it has been introduced. If that is the case I will have to scrap my 1976 Toyota Hiace camper and 2004 Vauxhall Combo van. I might be able to insure the BSA and get the LDV registered on Hungarian plates.
Title: Re: SORN
Post by: sparx on 01.09. 2013 10:17
After a quick check on the DVLA web site regarding continual insurance....... if the vehicle is declared SORN there is no need for insurance.
  Obviously they brought that particular piece of legislation out to catch out bods who tax a vehicle on a cover note and then let the insurance lapse.