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Title: k2f magneto
Post by: Tumbleweed on 11.01. 2013 16:17
hi everyone,  i have just purchased a mag in bits for my a10and i am trying to work out where the insulation washers go on the points there is a double and a single one ,i have looked on the posts but cant find a diagram and the haynes book is no help, also is there any way i can do a simple test on the mag before i fit it , i dont have a meter all i have is a trusty buzzer on a wire ,any info would be of great help.     cheers  tw *conf*
Title: Re: k2f magneto
Post by: metalflake11 on 11.01. 2013 17:03
Hello Tumbleweed, try this courtesy of Chaterlea 25.,6428.0.html
Title: Re: k2f magneto
Post by: NottsIan on 11.01. 2013 17:05
Do you have the steel points plate or the brass one? There are considerable differences.
Title: Re: k2f magneto
Post by: bsa-bill on 11.01. 2013 17:17
Lots of good info here (and very helpful people) (
Title: Re: k2f magneto
Post by: KenF on 12.01. 2013 12:45
Thanks, bsa-bill.

Tumbleweed, since a picture paints a thousand words:-

Steel on the left; brass on the right.

In the steel assembly, the larger boss on the double nylon washer goes underneath and into the central hole in the back-plate. The smaller boss is on top and goes into the larger hole in the spring anchor bracket. The single insulating washer goes immediately on top of the spring anchor bracket, under the metal washer on the clamping screw. (If one of our EasyCap condensers is fitted, it's the single insulating washer that gets replaced by the EasyCap.)

Hope that helps.

Ken (
Title: Re: k2f magneto
Post by: bsa-bill on 12.01. 2013 15:11
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Haven't forgotten your offer to test my Maggie Ken, just still toiling with Kitchen and staircase refurb, Kitchens done, starting the stairs when  I get bits and pieces of missing plaster sorted, removed some packing between stair plate and wall and found it to be a rolled up May to June 1963 edition of the Reveille !!!!!!

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Title: Re: k2f magneto
Post by: Tumbleweed on 14.01. 2013 09:41
wow thats a whole load of valuable info and i thank you all for taking the time to help me out , there is a lot to think about now with this mag ,i will see if i get a spark out of the old thing and go from there  thanks again .  tw