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Title: Magazine
Post by: Ethelred on 07.03. 2013 21:08
My other bike's an Enfield and I came across this: (
Current issue is a free download, back issues are one US dollar to download, or you can pay for a printed copy.

I wonder if we could do that for A7/10s. Anyone got any graphic design skills and some spare time?
Title: Re: Magazine
Post by: a10gf on 09.03. 2013 00:25
Certainly a very fine job done with the Enfield magazine. Of course, would be nice to see some a7a10 or BSA magazine, but needs quite some work, organization, money & time to produce.

The forum itself can publish members own 'articles', example this excellent and very interesting rebuild story:
Julian's Scrambler build (,6024.0.html).