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Title: Not Flooded - Drowned
Post by: A10Boy on 17.05. 2013 15:20

Just a funny story....

The lad next door me me has couple of japanese bikes one of which is a Kawasaki 500 twin four stroke effort. A few weeks ago he tells me that some lowlifes had taken it from outside his workplace where it was chained at the front wheel / forks interface, said lowlifes couldn't start it so they dragged it a few yards to the canal and chucked it in. This canal is now rarely used by boats and he could see the bike under the water. After a couple of weeks, the police turned up to lift it out and brought it back to his house. He put it in his garage and left it four about a month, then last week decided to check it over.

We emptied the fuel/water tank and put fresh petrol in it, cleaned the float bowls, charged the battery, changed the engine oil as the crankcases had filled up with water, emptied water out of the switches, spun it over with the plugs out to clear the water from the cylinders, put plugs back in, turned the key, pressed the button and it started! Ok, it took a bit of effort to fire up, but it started. he's now using it for work again.

Imagine that, the old A10 would have needed a fortune spent on it to get it going after that.
Title: Re: Not Flooded - Drowned
Post by: muskrat on 17.05. 2013 15:30
 Ye of little faith.
You'd also have to drain & refill the box & primary, dry out the mag & dynamo. She'd go again.
Suggest to him to change the oil a few times in a hundred miles, it will come out white for a while.
Title: Re: Not Flooded - Drowned
Post by: fido on 17.05. 2013 20:34
It would be best to give it a good long run to evaporate any remaining water inside the engine.
Title: Re: Not Flooded - Drowned
Post by: Spitfiremk9 on 18.05. 2013 17:40
Having taken a a10 under water albeit for just about 5 mins I can say that getting her going again was pretty easy , okay so the tank cap wasn't under but it was up over top fins just over the carb , had to dry out the mag clean out the carb then pushed on for another 8 hours without missing a beat. That was in '66 at a place called rougley in the midlands enroute to kent, under a bridge and had to be pulled out by the fire service all good fun when you're 16 BobH.