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Title: a10 plunger frame dowel spacers
Post by: a10col on 12.08. 2013 01:28
Hi to all,
Can anyone please help with a problem I have, I am just starting to build my a10 plunger 53 and after having the frame stove enamelled have come to fit the back frame to the front.
The problem I have is the front down tubes to back frame holes seem to big for the bolt size, but the top frame bolt has a dowel spacer, this is not in the parts book but is shown on the dragonfly site as part number 65-4488. Can anyone please tell me if the 2 front down tubes have dowel spacers fitted as well as i cant find any parts or numbers listed. I Have had a new bolt set from Brian as Lightning spares for this bike.
Thanks in advance for any help,
Title: Re: a10 plunger frame dowel spacers
Post by: duTch on 12.08. 2013 12:27

 Hiya Col,
             I have similar issue- recently finished throwing mine back together, and also bought a frame pack from Brian but can only use a couple of the items.
  It seems the correct listed 67-1251 is I think a 3/8" stud, but mine has a 7/16' stud through a sleeve from memory about 9/16" od.
 Can't recall if that's how it came or something that I've improvised, as it's all compiled from bits, but figured a way to live with it but I've been curious whether others have anything same..?

 Guess that's not much help for now, but at least you're not alone-

 Cheers ,duTch

Title: Re: a10 plunger frame dowel spacers
Post by: a10col on 13.08. 2013 17:42
Hi Dutch,
I think i will make some dowels at work to keep it all rigid *???*