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Title: gearbox camplate S/winging arm.
Post by: Topdad on 19.09. 2013 10:55
Good morning fellow mentalpieces and particularly gearbox garu's, been knee deep in gearbox bits for the last 2 mths or so now have got one together with new bearings and bushes reamed , never done that before so quite pleased . My problem is ,(quite apart from having the attention span of a goldfish these days which doesn't help!! ) I've forgotten which indent in the camplate is def neutral, sure its the slightly less dipped one but need to be sure so any help ,as always gratefully accepted.
The individual shafts turn nicely but all together can't seem to find the neutral and want to eliminate this first before starting on individual components . Oh as well I can move the gear pawl with a screwdriver but that won't help if out of cinque.
If you guys can remember a couple of years ago I rebuilt my own box and on assembly suffered the same prob for a few weeks until one of our forum friends suggested ignoring the dots and moving the selector a little lower ,it worked so does this mistake happen often with these box's ? or have I poss just been unlucky and have had 2 teabreak box's ?? Many thanks in anticipation of help, regards BobH.
Title: Re: gearbox camplate S/winging arm.
Post by: bsa-bill on 19.09. 2013 11:02
you got it Bob, the slightly shallower indent is neutral

Re the dots, yes I recall someone saying to try shifting them slightly in relation to each other, and I may have repeated that because when I rebuilt my last box I had to shift it out one notch, actually from memory I think it would have went both up and down one, pretty sure I moved it down but well memory!!.
First box I did just went together as per book and worked fine until the pawl spring broke a leg
So good luck with it -  Bill
Title: Re: gearbox camplate S/winging arm.
Post by: KiwiGF on 19.09. 2013 11:19
Hi top dad, put the camplate in neutral as per other post then put the shafts and gears in then its definitely in neutral regardless of whether you get the dots lined up or not so you can check its all ok, and spinning freely, you can adjust the dots later without removing the shafts again just by pulling the inner case out a bit, moving the pawl one knotch and pushing the case back all whilst it is neutral. Mine don't line up exactly but if you get it wrong you should still be able to select neutral but maybe not all the other gears.
Hope that makes sense  *smiley4*
Title: Re: gearbox camplate S/winging arm.
Post by: Derby Rob on 19.09. 2013 12:04
    rebuilt my about a year ago,can`t remember the neutral position but i do recall having trouble with the dots not being inline!

good luck, rob
Title: Re: gearbox camplate S/winging arm.
Post by: Topdad on 19.09. 2013 12:41
Many thanks everyone, as per usual wonderful amount of help available ,will continue to play best wishes BobH
Title: Re: gearbox camplate S/winging arm.
Post by: muskrat on 19.09. 2013 21:20
Funny about the lining of the dots. Might be an angle of sight thing. On Monday the assembler was Fred 6'4" and made the punch mark lined up while standing. On Friday he had a sicky so Bob (5'6") took over and punched the dots level from his height. *bash*
OK I'll go to work now.