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Title: late summer run
Post by: Topdad on 23.09. 2013 12:48
Very unexpectantly got out for a run on Sunday ,lovely day and after 40 mins of prepping the bike was ready ,second kick and away. My son video'd the bike so first time I've heard her on tape sounded to my jaded ears reasonably quiet , except the exhaust! Went out through the back lanes and contented myself with a little bendswinging ,boy that was good, doesn't matter how often ,or in my case how infrequently ,I ride the bike it's just so surefooted you feel right and very comfortable ,did about 35 miles and headed back complete with stupid grin firmly attached . Only problem was in my haste to get out I over filled the oiltank ,what a muppet ! I'd let her run for about 5 mins and thought I'd cleared thesump but obviously not ... by a long way . I stopped at a set of lights in southport and a lovely lady in the car opposite shouted to me that " my "smashing bike " was dropping a bit of oil having checked and gone grey in the face I told her it was BSA's self oiling rear wheel and went off home ,very carefully ,that'll teach me but no harm done and I'll certainly not let that happen again , still great way to end a good weekend , regards All BobH
Title: Re: late summer run
Post by: muskrat on 23.09. 2013 21:09
Good isn't it Bob. Clears the mind sooth's the soul. Lets see the vid put it on utube.
In my opinion the A7/10 s/a frame handles as good as a featherbed.
A few of those 40 prep minutes should have been draining the sump  *roll*.
Title: Re: late summer run
Post by: Topdad on 24.09. 2013 10:38
Yep Musky I know , but when in Muppet mode ...? to punish myself I stood in the corner of the garage for 20 mins !! and deprived myself of a beer for a 25 mins as well regards BobH  *red* ( I'll try to get that vid posted )