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Title: Shed
Post by: morris on 25.09. 2013 20:15

1st post straight from the shed!
Installed an old PC in the shed and a wireless extender on my network.
Now get my wife to bring the food, and the odd cuppa every now and then..... *beer*
Title: Re: Shed
Post by: Derby Rob on 25.09. 2013 20:51
ha ha ,tried the same but found my shed/garage/workshop was out of my wireless range,but at least i have all manuals etc on the hard drive
Title: Re: Shed
Post by: bsa-bill on 25.09. 2013 20:52
Yep me too, great for playing those tracks that are frowned upon in the house
and if you fit something like this  Ebay item 331031783777 you might get to watch  bit of MotoGP if your country's TV channels have it
Title: Re: Shed
Post by: terryg on 25.09. 2013 21:54
If you have mains power to the shed from the house, look up the adaptors that carry the ethernet signal down the cable. Not too pricey but a lot more reliable than wifi.  Something like this... (