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Title: keep it simple
Post by: Ethelred on 26.09. 2013 19:59
I can see the point of upgrading a go-faster bike, but I am surprised at the number of times we come across bog standard A10s and 7s being fitted with all the latest offerings from SRM et al. I'm sure it makes it a better bike, though that's perhaps debatable, but is it really necessary, especially considering the pampered lives they mostly live nowadays. After all back in the day these bikes had a reputation for longevity and toughness.

I'm as bad as everyone else, having just fitted a complete SRM improved clutch.  *smile*
Title: Re: keep it simple
Post by: morris on 26.09. 2013 20:06
think it's all about pampering the baby, and only the best is good enough for your child....
Title: Re: keep it simple
Post by: muskrat on 26.09. 2013 21:30
And about not getting run over *eek*. Back in the 50's (I'm told) it would take most of the day to do a 200 mile trip, with a few stops and a ferry crossing or two. Today it would be non stop for 3 hours at 60 + mph. Then there's the brakes (you call them brakes *roll*). My '51 couldn't stop as quick as a Hyundi at 50mph giving me 5 broken ribs + a punctured lung. TLS stopper on the shopping list. Then there's the electrics (ahh, Lucas prince of darkness), the nearest mag mechanic is 150 miles and $300 away, Pazon or Boyer is 1/2 the price and twice as reliable.
But mostly it's most of the bike is 60 years old. At 60 most of us need hip/knee replacements, dialisis, triple bypass, hearing aids or glasses.
Cheers *spider*
Title: Re: keep it simple
Post by: Greybeard on 26.09. 2013 21:54
I think that at the age most of us have reached we finally have some money to spend on our own projects instead of children and mortgages. Although I'm now on a pension I seem to have more disposable income than I've ever had before! Some of us also have inheritances to spend.
Title: Re: keep it simple
Post by: RichardL on 27.09. 2013 00:48
At 60 most of us need hip/knee replacements, dialisis, triple bypass, hearing aids or glasses.

Knock wood,  so far,  of these, just glasses.

Title: Re: keep it simple
Post by: bsa-bill on 27.09. 2013 09:29
just glasses.

me too plus a non return valve but a big handful of additives to be taken daily, I keep it simple (phew back on subject) by a box with seven lots of four compartments I keep in the same place all the time.
The only bi-pass I seem to have had is a memory one *eek*
Title: Re: keep it simple
Post by: Topdad on 01.10. 2013 13:23
Gee tar Musky, thanks for listing what I poss have coming, seeing as I'm 62!!,so far only glasses required as per Richard plus tablets to keep the pump from not overworking .It's my knees I'm worried about though , having to take  painkillers everyday relic from hitting a bus on my shooter aged 17, can tell you not an experience I'd wish to repeat . Re the bike when I rebuilt her I tried to incorporate as many updates as poss cos I could afford it then and fortunately decided to go for the best (as far as I knew about 10yrs ago without benefit of this fine and venerable forum ) so used SRM ,it paid off so far at least ,whereas if I'd not done the end feed conversion then the bush would probably need doing again by now and now I certainly couldn't afford to get it done. So I think honestly it's" horses for courses" simply down to what the individual owner can afford or thinks will benefit him and that will vary from each of us and long may that continue variety being the spice of BSA life ,regards BobH