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Title: New
Post by: Goldy on 16.12. 2008 14:25
I am a new member to the site. I owned a Shooting Star in late 1960's which my girlfriend (wife) travelled many miles it was a great bike. A couple of years back i had the chance to by an A10 frame and decided to build an A 10 from scratch. Two years later I am still at it. It,s very interesting, I have done restorations before, but always from a complete or almost complete bike. Its also very frutrating at times because the books all say the the model hardly chaned fo 20 years but there are lots of little diffeerences. Any way must go gota rocker box to aassemble
Title: Re: New
Post by: stratcat on 16.12. 2008 17:45
Looks like the start of a good project.

Keep us posted *smile*
Title: Re: New
Post by: tombeau on 16.12. 2008 18:34
Hello there and welcome.
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Post by: RichardL on 16.12. 2008 18:43
Hhmmm...corner of the garage, on top af a chest...rings a bell.

Welcome to the forum. We will enjoy watching your progress. There is splenty of help to be had here if you want or need it, but I suppose you've noticed. (I don't hink I've used it up.)
Title: Re: New
Post by: Goldy on 16.12. 2008 20:27
Sorry about the spelling I could not find the modify button. You would not think that I was English.
Title: Re: New
Post by: A10Boy on 18.12. 2008 23:39
Dont weery abuot it.. happenns to uz all

Title: Re: New
Post by: LJ. on 19.12. 2008 09:58
Most admirable to build a bike in this way, good luck I hope it goes very well for you. Do keep us updated on your progress.