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Title: Watch out on Classic Insurance.
Post by: A10 JWO on 01.10. 2013 15:38
I contacted my insurance company re change of vehicle yesterday. I have classic insurance on an A10 and wanted to change it to a 2009 model which I have bought, ( I know it is not classic ). They refused to change the policy. I would have to pay £50 to cancel my current policy, lose 3 mths insurance and start a new policy at their prices. WOT A CON.

Title: Re: Watch out on Classic Insurance.
Post by: Angus on 01.10. 2013 16:23
I seam to be having problems with classic insurance now too. My renewal on the A7 is with a new underwriter and they have added an exclusion that appeared on the A10’s policy when it arrived. Its basically the bike is not cover within half a mile of the home address unless it is locked in the garage, for theft or malicious damage. So the A10 is not covered on my drive if I clean it and leave it there unattended or if I go to the local shops (within half a mile). I have not renewed the A7 yet and have shopped around and found that it is quite a common clause. I do not have two options without this clause but it is well worth checking as it very annoying.
Title: Re: Watch out on Classic Insurance.
Post by: A10 JWO on 01.10. 2013 16:34
Hi Angus.
My new Bonnie Policy is exactly the same and I think mine is 500 yards from the garage. I got a good deal from Hastings on this including everything but breakdown which I don't need. Carol Nash was twice the price, but they told me how great they are.
Regards Colin
Title: Re: Watch out on Classic Insurance.
Post by: bsa-bill on 01.10. 2013 16:40
Yes I noticed this cancellation charge when perusing our house contents insurance, seems like another sneaked in ripoff
Title: Re: Watch out on Classic Insurance.
Post by: 1959superocket on 01.10. 2013 19:17
I have just renewed my classic insurance for a 1959 bike with original reg etc so it does not legally require MOT as pre 1960. bike.

I have however been maintaining the MOT`d if just as proof of the bike being roadworthy if Iam ever in an accident.

Anyhow the point I wanted to make is that the insurance paperwork came in and one of the conditions is bike to have valid MOT so take care with insurance if your bike is exempt from MOT.



Title: Re: Watch out on Classic Insurance.
Post by: bikerbob on 01.10. 2013 20:02
I think people with pre 1960 vehicles are in a catch 22 situation, the insurance company cannot insist on an MOT as it is not a legal requirement but there is nothing stopping the insurance company from insisting if they so wish that you prove the vehicle is roadworthy before they will insure it so you either get an MOT or get an independent inspection. Also if you build a bike up from scratch and even if it is pre 1960 and you need it to be registered you will have to get an MOT before the DVLA will register it. There is still a lot of confusion about how this new law is actually going to work only time will sort it all out.
Title: Re: Watch out on Classic Insurance.
Post by: Topdad on 02.10. 2013 14:28
Hi everyone , read this with interest and thought I'd check mine out .What a refreshing deference from  what Colin experienced . My insurance is with Lynbrook and with regards to the question about shops within either 1/2 a mile or 500yds  def not an issue as long as normal security is inplace ,so I use a chain and padlock ,that would cover theft, damage etc would be covered under there normal cover no restrictions as to distance and finally leaving our P An J on the drive again if only left for a short period ,ie after cleaning prior to ridding putting her back into the garage or even being sidetracked by say a phone call and it being nicked etc again no prob, with the proviso that it shouldn't be left out say overnight on drive if you were going for an early run or left unattended for a long time. Ie normal sensibly care that we'd take anyway . Re the MOT there stance is the law says okay so its okay ! and they couldn't insist that an owner gets an MOT even if they wanted to also they vexpect a bike to be roadworthy anyway and irrespective of MOT would look askance at a claim anyway if they suspected a serious problem however they know from there experience that owners of classic bikes have an higher knowledge /interest in there bikes and this particular issue is not a problem for them or clients.
Now you may think its only a persons view wait til you have a claim they'll change there minds then but I'm in this industry although not GI insurance and my questions were def asked in a direct manner and the reply was given in n experienced and thoughtful and def knowledgeable fashion which satifies me that I can proceed as I am ,inconfidence. Any one wishing to confirmand pos change to this company ( honestly no connection ) please give them a call -08451304662 regards BobH