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Title: New
Post by: twintom on 19.12. 2008 12:30
Hello, i am Tom from Germany.
I live near Bremen, the home of the famous BECKS BIER.
I am also NEW in the forum and please forgive for my bad written english.
The a series of bsa is my favorite motorcycle for now over 33 jears,
because I had always 1, 2 or 3 starting from my 18 year .
now I am 51 and have no more, because of a family separation.
I hope that it changes soon again .
I have still some spare parts and much experience for a
new begin and i hope next jear i will back on the road again.
At the photo you see my ex A 7 star twin of 1952 is which I restored in the 80 ties, owned 31 years and
travelled every jear 5-6000 km whith all the downs and the highs.
It has many changes to the standart, but the view was very original.
For me is important to ride not to show.
I am a member of the CBBC in Germany, a very active club. You see a photo of the A7 in the galerie.
Thanks for the forum, it was a very good idea for international contact of A series fans.

Cheers Tom
Title: Re: New
Post by: RichardL on 19.12. 2008 13:03

Welcome to the forum. I do not want to make you depressed, but that is/was a great looking bike. Do your spare parts amount to a specific model that you will be building? I (and everyone, I believe) will be watching for your progress.

By the way, the English was no trouble understanding, and respect the additional effort is takes to write in a second language. Glad you made the effort.

Richard L.

Title: Re: New
Post by: tombeau on 19.12. 2008 13:10
Hi Tom,
Good to meet you.
Title: Re: New
Post by: LJ. on 19.12. 2008 15:20
Thanks for your introduction Tom, its a pleasure to have you join us! Hope you soon get back into riding an A seris bike again.