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Title: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: michael snellin on 22.10. 2013 14:27
Hi, would any one know? and im sure there is what i need to prevent the bike from wet sumping ??? there is a valve that i can get from a supplier but not too sure? the bike has been completly rebuilt so i mght as well try to overcome this
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: Billybream on 22.10. 2013 16:46
A search on this topic within this forum will bring up all the information you require, from changing engine oil type, or fitting new pump, to addition of anti wet sumping valve and or drain type sump plate the list goes on. Never experienced wet sumping on my bike, so lucky.
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: bsa-bill on 22.10. 2013 17:26
i need to prevent the bike from wet sumping

How bad is it John - if it's not spewing oil out onto your garage floor when you start it then it's not doing anything out of the ordinary.
If you don't ride it as often as you would like (like me) that is no excuse to not start it at least once a week, every two or three days would be better, this will keep the sump empty, if it doesn't then you do indeed have a problem, a problem you should not have on a rebuilt engine, (although I do note you say rebuilt bike, maybe this does not include engine)

Anti wet sumping valves  -  a subject of divided opinions, I and my friends with BSA'a have used them  with good good results, others don't trust them and go to great lengths to make them safe by fitting more things to go wrong ( Just a little dig guys don't take it personal like), do a search on the Forum John For wet sumping and be prepared for a long read.

Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: isuzu on 15.01. 2014 16:02
To keep my sump clear of loads of oil I placed a little manual valve in, see pic. I close this valve if Im sure not to use the bike for longer than say a month.
Regular starting her up for a short time to clear the sump is not a good thing for the engine I think. Letting oil out of the sump and pouring the oil back in neither for the risk of contamination (of the oil itself and my trousers that is).
Im not afraid to forget this manual valve at the time I get the bike out of the shed; that is the moment I open the valve so it will prime the pump if necesary.
To never forget the valve I also get my sparkplug off the bougie whenever I close the valve as a reminder .... works great

gr Dick
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: RichardL on 15.01. 2014 16:13
Oh, ye of so much faith.
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: Clive54bsa on 16.01. 2014 05:43
When i first got my Super Rocket, I put a shut-off valve in line, to stop the wet sumping, with a little tag on the handlebar saying OIL 1ST.
The very 1st time I started it I forgot the valve. Luckily it ran for about a minute, before I saw I my tag. The valve was removed immediately. Eventually I sprung for an SRM pump and it doesn't wet-sump.
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: bsa-bill on 16.01. 2014 11:47
We all have this assumption the human brain is infalable - it isn't, we assume we see through our eyes and hear through our ears - we don't, eyes and ears are merely sensors that collect information that our brain interprets, our brain is clever it fills in missing information by assuming what it's missed, it sees striaght lines where there is random selection of dots and spaces (canals om Mars), people called Magicians/Illusionists make good livings by making our brains see stuff that not there.

Right all the above is to explain why I think a ball and valve is more reliable than our memory (BSA thought so too) and every time you add anything more complicated than a ball and spring you add more to go wrong or more to forget.

OK I'll shut up now - each to their own and all that
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: cyclobutch on 16.01. 2014 12:05
Excellent - this subject matter is surely more prevalent than even a straight forward oil thread.

Just keep upping the viscosity of oil that you are using until it no longer does it. Simple.
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: muskrat on 09.02. 2015 07:47
G'day all.
This was just put up on the Made In England forum down here. The MIE forum is run by the Notrun owners but this clip runs true for us as well.
It proves that if you put anything before the pump it must be primed before start up.
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: chaterlea25 on 09.02. 2015 21:24
If the manual valve in the posted link was available with a normally closed switch it could work for magneto sparked bikes when wired to the mag cutout,
It looks lik a well made item??

Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: East_Coast_BSA on 28.03. 2015 07:13
I was always afraid of putting a shut-off valve inline.  You only have to forget it once.  I put on an SRM filter sump with the magnetic drain plug.  If the bike sits for more than a few days, I just pull the plug and drain the sump into a flask and then pour it back into the tank.  It only takes a few minutes and it keeps from pumping oil out the breather.
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: bikerboy on 30.03. 2015 00:14
Well after a rebuild and of course committing the unbelievable sin of failing to change the check valve ball and spring (I even damned well bought one to do it as well) my bike wet sumped and as a quick fix I fitted a valve.

Yes the oil does circulate but nowhere near as well as it seemed to before. I have also non stop smoking problems (written in another article) and I will never use one again. It might not be causing any of my problems but it does add to an already lengthy list of "maybes" and despite only have done 1800 miles I have worried non stop since the day I fitted it.

Thats my view anyway
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: terryg on 30.03. 2015 08:50
One of my bikes had an anti-wet sumping valve fitted when I got it. After a few trips I removed the external valve and was surprised just how much more flow I can now see returning to the oil tank.
The sump plate drain plug is my preferred solution until a major strip down is necessary.
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: nimrod650 on 02.05. 2015 19:03
regarding drain plug drill hole in centre of sump plate tack a 13m nut on inside a  short bolt and fibre washer
Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: Viking on 01.06. 2015 15:40
I will be a bit careful with a anti wet sump valve.

The oil pump is not build for the additional pressure loss in the tank to pump oil line.

Solve the problem at the root: The oil pumpe.
I have fitted new oil pumps from SRM in our three BSA A10SR bikes.
This solve the problem. There is added benefit with the new oil pump: High oil flow.

It work, and works well

Title: Re: Anti wet sumping??
Post by: cyclobutch on 01.06. 2015 15:58