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Title: Angus the Opposite
Post by: Beezageezauk on 26.10. 2013 19:43
Ok, so electrics isn't my strong point.  In fact its the Bain of my Life and I hate it when an electrical fault developes.

This morning I pulled the Super Rocket out of its resting hole and got my kit on ready to take it for a bit of a run out.  Well, I NEED to use it tomorrow so I thought that I would give it a bit of a test run.  My normal pre-checks include a press on the horn button to test the battery if nothing else.....nothing.  Tried the stoplight....nothing.  Parking lights....nothing.  Headlight....nothing.

Off with my riding gear and push the bl**dy think back into the fettling shed.

First thing to do, I reckon is to remove the seat and check the state of the battery.'s I moved the lighting switch to the parking light position (still nothing) and man handles a couple of wires in order to check connections (still nothing).  My thoughts were that if the parking lights come on I've found the problem.  No such luck.

Out with the multimeter to check the leads from the battery and these seem to be in order.  Now the problem under the fuel tank or inside the headlight?  I guess it's easier checking inside the headlight rather than disturbing the tank.

Screwdriver at the ready and I loosens the securing screw about 4 turns.  That should give me enough movement to release the headlight.  Next thing is to do is ease the rim from the shell and whilst I'm doing this HEY PRESTO...the parking lights come on.  I put the rim back in position and the parking lights stay on.  Tighten the securing screw again and they are still on.  Horn works again, full headlight and dip.  Sorted.  

What a mechanic eh!!  I didn't do anything really but at least if it happens again I know where to look.

So after refitting the seat I still had a bit of a run out albeit an hour later than anticipated and all was well.

Sorry Angus, but I was expecting to be in your situation simply because, as I mentioned earlier, me and electrics just don't get on together and I normally open up a can of worms.   Until now!!  But I'll still do my normal checks in the morning before I set off.

Title: Re: Angus the Opposite
Post by: muskrat on 26.10. 2013 20:16
Don't ya luv those types of problems that fix themselves. Sounds like a loose connection to the amp gauge.
Title: Re: Angus the Opposite
Post by: Angus on 26.10. 2013 20:34
Yes I like those problems. I originally thought you where mad to go out tomorrow as when I last checked the weather forecast it was awful.
But just checked it again and its not to bad, maybe a trip to the Kettle autojumble for me then.