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Title: A7 rear brake plate differences
Post by: Bsa Nut on 19.01. 2014 03:50
Hello wise men of the A Series,

Working on the rear brake plate on my A7. The frame was a '54ish swing arm, but I'm not sure if my wheel is original to the animal.
It has, what I call the old B31 type brake plate. A simple steel circle approx. 1/8" with an anchor hole, an axle hole, and a sleeve for the brake lever.
Here is the issue...although all the components came together, and seem age correct...
After freeing the brake lever pin, and straightening some slight bends in the plate around the brake lever pin sleeve,
I reassembled it for a test fit of the straightening process...and I now see that the pin isn't correct to the plate.
It sticks thru the plate slightly, but only by a thread or two...
the squared shoulder remains fairly deep within the sleeve.
A) Do I have the wrong plate?
B) Do I have the wrong pin?
C) If I order the correct pin #42-6034 and it is short, can I simply cut down the sleeve to expose the squared should for the lever attachment?
D) Did these Swing arm QD wheels have an axle spacer on the drum side similar to an A65 set up??

I'm mounting this into a rigid frame, and Im not sure what holds the brake plate from 'walking' out the axle toward the inner frame.
These are the issues you have with a basket project like this...never seeing it together before disassembly.

Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: A7 rear brake plate differences
Post by: muskrat on 19.01. 2014 07:36
G'day Luke.
Does it look like this.
No spacer on that side.
Title: Re: A7 rear brake plate differences
Post by: Bsa Nut on 19.01. 2014 12:40
Yes Muskrat...that's the page I've been ordering replacement parts for the hub rebuild.
All looks correct with what I have. I knew the drum stayed affixed to the flange plate,
and the dummy axle, bearing, and snap ring held it firmly in place...
But I wasn't sure what held the front plate and shoes from wondering open from the drum.
My A65 has a small spacer. My opening in the rear is wider that a stock set up.
(I also had to alter my dummy axle by adding more square flange to some of the threads.)
I may, in this special case require a spacer.)