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Title: 2009 plans ?
Post by: a10gf on 02.01. 2009 15:45
Any newyear plans for your A ?

I'll start:

Get the mag fixed properly
Front forks overhaul
Paint jobs on parts of the bike
Buying more Autosol

Riding it again as I used to !
Title: Re: 2009 plans ?
Post by: LJ. on 02.01. 2009 16:15
Well mine are largely okay although there are always some small plans.

My Red A10... When time and finance allows I'd still like to fit a sidecar, I had got rid of the bigger one and would prefere a smaller open type.

Blue A10... If a bike has to go then it would be this one but it's my best bike! Engine is nice and firm everything about it is really good. The family says that I must keep it, well all the bikes. (four)

Star Twin... Hopefully i'll find the parts to make up and fit the twin carb project. I also need to restore the petrol tank, I'm looking at chroming but dont want to go the whole hog and strip and repaint the whole bike so looking for a blended medium between tank and the rest of machine, this bike is well on its way to being my fav bike, on parr with the Blue one, but love my red one and M21! Sigh! is there any cure for me?
Title: Re: 2009 plans ?
Post by: Beezageezauk on 02.01. 2009 16:43
How much time do I have in 2009 ???? 

Hopefully I'll have time to rebuild the "Golden" Flash engine that gave me grief  *sad2* in the Isle of Man.  I now have all the parts I need.  Pistons, camshaft, cam followers etc.  *smile*

Then the "Black" Flash needs a snagging list  *conf* going through after a lengthy rebuild.  Sticking forks, carb tuning, brakes to bed in and final adjustments.  Then anything else that shows up once she is put to some road use. *eek*

This should take me up to the John Bull Rally in Belgium...1st weekend in May. *smiley4*

Then the BSA Open Day and National Rally at Wickstead Park...2nd weekend in June.  *smiley4*

And then the BSAOC International Rally in Southern Netherlands...1st full week in September.  *smile*

Plus a splattering of camping weekends in between.  *smiley4*   *smile*

Hopefully we'll have better weather and enjoy the bikes even more than last year.  Gee whiz..I'm really looking forward to this year now!!  ;)


Title: Re: 2009 plans ?
Post by: Richard on 02.01. 2009 19:05
contact me I am about to sell the Monza I had on my Lighting you know the one that won the best outfit a few years ago at the open weekend
You have my email
Title: Re: 2009 plans ?
Post by: fido on 05.01. 2009 07:49
Just a few dry days to ride the thing would be nice. 2008 was a dead loss *sad2*
My planning will mainly be concerned with 2010 as I want to do the NZ event. Not sure if that will be on the A7 though. I want to do some additional touring whiler I'm over there so I might just buy a comfortable mile muncher like a Honda Pacific Coast.
Title: Re: 2009 plans ?
Post by: jfligg on 10.01. 2009 21:01
Well...  I am finally going to start the rest on my 59 super rocket.  I have had it 7 years, so I think it is time.  Any good sources for goldie fenders.  Pics to follow.  Jeff
Title: Re: 2009 plans ?
Post by: bsa-bill on 10.01. 2009 21:20
My plan is to get my project finished registered , mot, taxed and on the road.
I have had this project ongoing for a long time due to work commitments but now I'm retired it is coming together ( see " Rocket Gold Flash " ).

Today I moved my road going Flash down to the bottom shed, I had put it in the garage as a tempory measure to make room in the shed for the project and was dismayed to see rust in places, so gave it a wash and dry and tried to start it, usually a good starter it refused to fire at all
, closer examination showed the plug wires had corroded in the caps, put new caps on and got it going.
So now it's tucked up in the bottom shed with a tube heater underneath it and a waterproof bike cover on it, pipes facing the door so it can be fired up now and then.

All the best - Bill