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Title: Dispatch #
Post by: wade-o on 02.01. 2009 22:47
Who Has the BSA Dispatch records, I selling one of my Goldies and a perspective buyer would like to know the skinny on my 58 DBD, Help! -Wade *eek*              Frame # CB32 7495   Eng.#DBD 34 34xx
Title: Re: Dispatch #
Post by: Beezageezauk on 03.01. 2009 09:33
Hi wade,

All BSA dispatch records are held by the UK BSA Owners Club and the information you require is available as a Dating Certificate that can be framed and sold with the bike. 

Contact Steve Foden (Temporary Dating Officer) at 113 Holmville Road, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 2PX, United Kingdom.

There is a charge for this service of 5GBP for members and 10GBP for non-members and he will require pencil rubbings of the frame and engine number.

If you want to go down this route and have a problem with currency exchange, I can send him a UK cheque (check) in exchange for a PayPal transaction into my account.

Hope this helps.


Title: Re: Dispatch #
Post by: wade-o on 03.01. 2009 14:39
Hey Thank you but I'm a member of the BSAOC and they dont charge me for info ,But it sometimes a few weeks before they can get back to you. So no I dont want to buy a daiting ser. But some of our members here also have these records ,I'm fairly sure my # Tally, But I would like to confirm As a Buyer ask me if I could. So CA7A are you out there ?