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Title: rear brake shoes
Post by: Derby Rob on 25.01. 2014 10:40
    any does one know who sells rear brake shoes in the uk for the 7" full width drum on a 61 sa a7. i think the part number is 42-5876. there seems to be plenty about for the half width drum for some reason? .i dont really want the bother of getting old ones relined .i am of course thinking that the half width and full width dont have the same shoes!
cheers Rob
Title: Re: rear brake shoes
Post by: trevinoz on 25.01. 2014 20:16
I would go to the bother of getting the old ones relined after having the drum machined true.
Have the new linings radiused to fit.
I say this because I just bought new shoes for an O.I.F rear brake and the lever had to be adjusted to about 90 degrees before the shoes came anywhere near contacting the drum.