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Title: Speaking of transfers
Post by: dan daughenbaugh on 05.03. 2014 00:02
Does anyone have experience with the Waterslide paper you feed into your home printer then put on the standard way? Like this
Title: Re: Speaking of transfers
Post by: tombeau on 05.03. 2014 06:11
I bought some stuff on amazon for an inkjet printer, you need to use lacquer with it. It worked pretty well actually.

A friend wanted me to create a badge for a Rob North framed Commando. I was able to get an acceptable looking gold leaf color with a yellowy brown.

 I did it a few years ago, and it still looks good, but then the bike does stay in a nice warm garage most of the time.

If you were wanting to do something with very small lettering -for example, the early '50's Norton tank transfer has some very small text under the Norton logo-then you would be better off with a laser printer, as ink jets give nice graduated color, but do not cope to well with small text.

You can buy the transfer paper in white or clear. If you need white in your design, you will have to be pretty handy with a scalpel cutting round the design.
I'll try and visit the guy and get a photo of the transfer on the bike for you this week.

Title: Re: Speaking of transfers
Post by: tombeau on 06.03. 2014 06:07
I should also add that if you were to use the clear stuff on a dark color, you'll probably get a quite dull looking, dark transfer. I used clear on the Norton,but was fortunate that it was going on a white fuel tank.