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Title: Crunchy 2nd gear
Post by: pjm01 on 09.03. 2014 13:56
I fitted a SRM clutch to my '59 SS and gear selection is smooth and sweet except for 2nd which goes in readily enough but is slightly hesitant and crunchy ...... I'm a relative newbie and would appreciate any guidance as to where to start with this issue. I'm not up to a 'gearbox rebuild' ...... ! By the way, the SRM clutch is great, really light and I can sometimes even find neutral when stationary. Many thanks .... Peter M
Title: Re: Crunchy 2nd gear
Post by: muskrat on 09.03. 2014 18:20
G'day Peter.
First question is did it do that before the SRM clutch? Did you dial in the pressure plate lift? Has the box ever been looked into?
I'd loosen the detent spring a turn to see if it helps at all. Lots of parts can wear in there to create similar problems. My first thought goes to the selector fork bent or engagement dogs burred.
Title: Re: Crunchy 2nd gear
Post by: wilko on 09.03. 2014 22:00
Synchro ring worn!
Title: Re: Crunchy 2nd gear
Post by: beezermacc on 10.03. 2014 08:35
Is it the same changing up and down? I find that changing down to second is often quite snatchy on A10's particularly if you change down a bit too early.
Title: Re: Crunchy 2nd gear
Post by: pjm01 on 10.03. 2014 09:37
Thanks for your interest ..... yes it was like it previously with the old 6 spring clutch. It is worse changing from 1st to 2nd than from 3rd to 2nd, tho' I usually 'blip the throttle' when changing down ie from 3rd to 2nd as I find this helps a lot. Could be noticing it more now as the SRM clutch is so much better than the 6 springer ....  set it up very carefully according to the instructions, with correct clearances and adjusted the clutch springs to give even plate lift all round. Don't have a dial guage so did it with a pointer and feeler guages. All other gears 'snick' in and out very nicely and there is no perceptible clutch 'drag or slip' so am ASSUMING it's not a clutch issue. So far have do no work on the gearbox except to drain and put in fresh oil .... the exploded diagram in Haynes manual frightens me (spent my working life in the electronics industry so have little experience with 'greasy rotating bits'). Peter M
Title: Re: Crunchy 2nd gear
Post by: muskrat on 10.03. 2014 19:18
Does it do it from neutral to second at rest/idle?
I'd still try the detent spring. Try it two turns out then try it two turns in. It won't fix the problem but may make it more ride able.
" the exploded diagram in Haynes manual frightens" Me too, that's the last book I turn to! Don't be afraid to have a go, we're here to help.
Title: Re: Crunchy 2nd gear
Post by: Greybeard on 10.03. 2014 19:40
I was nervous before I worked on mine but the box isn't really that bad to strip and reassemble. Mind you I did have to do it a few times before I got everything back and working correctly so by the final time I felt like an old hand. You just need to watch out for those drop bears; they are tricksy; just ask Muskie!
Title: Re: Crunchy 2nd gear
Post by: 1959superocket on 10.03. 2014 20:08
My bike goes up through the gears smoothly and changing down from 4th to 3rd is smooth but I also have a crunch changing from 3rd down to 2nd.

2nd to first is a bit clunky but nowhere near as bad.

There was also a whine in 3rd sometimes but seems to have smoothed out over time.

I wondered if it was crunchy because there is a wide ratio between 2nd and 3rd as the top gears seem to mesh better as does 1st and 2nd.

I dont think clutch is at fault as all would be crunchy.