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Title: Steering damper
Post by: Angus on 09.03. 2014 17:50
Ok I did a search and read a bit about how most people leave them slack IE no friction. However after fitting new tyres to the A7 she feels very light at the front end. The old tyre was a 19?? (don’t want to admit it  *red*) ribbed tread Avon RoadRunner F2, to be honest it was still soft and without any cracks but I had a little slid and lost confidence in it. The new tyre is a Avon RoadRunner AM20 with a modern criss cross tread pattern.
I am getting used to it but I was wondering what the effect on the feel would be and the pros and cons of tightening the damper a bit. I would play but don’t want to knock my fragile confidence.
Title: Re: Steering damper
Post by: muskrat on 09.03. 2014 18:29
G'day Angus. I love the feel of new tyres. I have mine a little snug. With the bike on the centerstand and front wheel off the ground the bars only nee light pressure with the little finger to move. On the road I can let go of the bars and steer by moving my weight (remember riding a pushbike like that).
Title: Re: Steering damper
Post by: Angus on 12.03. 2014 16:39
Thanks Muskrat, have not had a play yet but having done a couple of longer rides the light front end appears to be growing on me, will have a play at some point though  *smile*