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Title: How many bikes should you have ?
Post by: Brian on 20.03. 2014 04:50
Ever wondered just how many bikes you should own ?

Well some obviously very intelligent mathematician has come up with a formulae to work it out.
Title: Re: How many bikes should you have ?
Post by: muskrat on 20.03. 2014 08:40
I use a similar formula  N+1, D-1. How many you need plus 1, how many will result in divorce minus 1.
I've only got 2 (A7&A10) out of 5 going right now so that's enough.
Title: Re: How many bikes should you have ?
Post by: bsa-bill on 20.03. 2014 08:59
Financial and marital restraint alters it to

IF  N-1 = N<2  THEN N = N+1 IF W= 0

where W equals jobs around the house

Friends of BASIC may alter if inclined but the result wiil mostly be the same  *smiley4*
Title: Re: How many bikes should you have ?
Post by: Ethelred on 20.03. 2014 10:20
You can either go by function
tourer + commuter + off-roader,  so 3 is many people's ideal

or my own preference is by engines
a single, a parallel twin, a V-twin
As my old brain can't cope with changing gear sides and patterns they all must be right side changers, 1 up, 3 down, which rules out modern multi's. The V twin's tricky too unless you can afford a Vincent, so I'm on the lookout for an early H-D sportster to complete the collection.
Title: Re: How many bikes should you have ?
Post by: KiwiGF on 20.03. 2014 10:42
My vote goes for one modern (Triumph in my case) one bsa twin and one bsa single.

The single is still a project and a rigid but I'm still intending to have a set of spare wheels with knobblies on for it for a bit of off roading  *smile*

Having said that, Ive yet to sell my Suzuki after getting the Triumph, so maybe N+1 is right  *dunno* *dunno2*
Title: Re: How many bikes should you have ?
Post by: bikerbob on 20.03. 2014 11:45
 Her indoors says we can both drive but we only have one car and it causes no problems. You are the only one who rides a bike so why have more than one on the road when you can only ride one at a time. How ever she that must be obeyed has no problems with be buying another bike to restore providing when it is complete I sell one of them  and then if I wish I can start again. I am looking for another project but I don't know if it is me getting to old or others being greedy but I am quite surprised at what people are asking for bikes that need  restoring, sometimes I find  that what they are asking is not very far away from what you could get for a totally restored machine and also a few times they were wanting more than what a restored bike would make.
Title: Re: How many bikes should you have ?
Post by: Butch (cb) on 20.03. 2014 13:19
It's much like beer - too much can never be enough. My H1 is now in the final stages of fettling and I'm already thinking about a new project for next Winter. At the same time I've now got eyes for a Guzzi big twin round barrel and a Sunbeam S7 de luxe. There is no sense to this, some of my bikes do clearly perform different functions but others clearly occupy the same niche. My wife always questions 'need' which I detest. A desire is clearly a need.