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Title: First run this year
Post by: bsa-bill on 15.04. 2014 17:29
Following yesterday lucky escape I decided the RGF deserved a run out just happened to be Science group at our local U3A, always an interesting meeting but follows my Tuesday morning exercise session with PIP (she used to do body building, nice lass tho) so leaves timing a bit of an issue so I took the bike and left Nan the car for her coffee meet.
The bike roared into life first kick again and off we went, must be the best day this year so far, brilliant sunny day, no wind, not really that cold, only seven miles there and seven back but it never missed a beat and up'd a couple of steep hills without a ping.
Think you have a point re the mixture Musky, providing you give it plenty tickle starting s a doddle and it runs fine, I do have one blue pipe and one nice Gold pipe, need to have a thermometer handy a the end of a run, not sure if it's a ongoing thing or maybe not - I recall it getting hot when running it in the bottom shed once might have just been to confined or perhaps a valve stuck ( I did have a little bit of an issue with them after the rebuild, I have a new set of pipes but don't want to risk them until I'm sure both side are running the same temp.

All in all tho - great day
Title: Re: First run this year
Post by: muskrat on 16.04. 2014 07:07
G'day Bill.
Always good to hear of an enjoyable ride. I couldn't live where I couldn't ride through winter.
I can't remember, does the RGF have mag or elec ign? Important to have timing the same both sides, then you can look at bias.
Title: Re: First run this year
Post by: bsa-bill on 16.04. 2014 08:24
it's electronic  Musky, I could swap leads but then might end up with two blue pipes, safer maybe to check with a timing disc and strobe on one lead then the other.
I just have it in the back of my (what a fine mind - ha) that this happened suddenly when running the bike in the bottom small shed, something to get my teeth into when time allows