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Title: stale petrol 2
Post by: Topdad on 24.04. 2014 14:54
Got out for a ride on Easter Monday ,late on just an hour but first I had to top up last years petrol ,pulled into tescoand just put £6 of supposed special rubbish ,boy was i surprised the tank was nearly full just with that small amount. Im used to barely anything left due to the old taps leaking from inactivaty but I'd fitted taps from Paul goff excellent obviously hadn't lost a drop and had stood up the the ethanol without harm . Very happy indeed with them.
The ride went by far to quickly ,only about 10 miles but the bike never missed a beat but showed up some minor probs with clutch adjustment ,(no neutral when engine rurning over ) and I'd slackened off the throttle cable to take the strain of it over the winter ,course I forgot to adjust it and found out when I tried to feather the throttle on a roundabout ,turned her into a brucking bronco ,memo to self adjust that ,change jeans, but great to be back on the road, regards Bobh   
Title: Re: stale petrol 2
Post by: bsa-bill on 18.08. 2018 11:08
tag this onto here as it's sort of relevant
Sorting out the Flash for sale, realised the Ewarts taps were shot in as far as the gausses had holes in them, collapsed or falling off, I've seen them soldered on flat over the tap but that allows practically no filter aria and looks like a recipe for fuel starvation.
So bought new taps then realised I needed right angle adaptors form them and had not ordered them, (had put them in my basket but must have got distracted) so yesterday afternoon an email from British Bike Bits (Burton Bike Bits) to remind me of the contents of "my basket".
ordered them at 16.12, they arrived today  10.00.

other traders are available but must say I'm impressed