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Title: Internet scams!
Post by: Seabee on 14.05. 2014 12:51
Hi guys,

A new internet scam has popped up here where a person is selling a bike for a great price, but wants you to pay through "google wallet."  The scam is that google wallet will hold the money until the bike is shipped to you and you accept it.  In reality, the money is not held and you get no bike!  I almost fell for it on a Craigslist 1958 A10 and thank God I researched this as a potential scam before I bought it.  Another clue is that they won't give you a phone number, just deal via the internet.
Anyway, forewarned is forearmed,

Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: bsa-bill on 14.05. 2014 13:06
Dear valued member
There seems to be a problem with your last post and your account has been suspended, please take a moment to fill in the attached form and we will resolve the issue   *smile* *smile* *smile*

Yes they're getting cleverer as well, it's a dirty world out there at times.

Still a lot of good going on though, just come over the TV the guy with cancer that raised 3 million for charity has passed away, extra shame when someone so young - RIP

Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: a10gf on 14.05. 2014 13:15
Good move to spot it! This is big business afaik. Using website names like,, etc, and copying legitimate websites. Makes me wonder how it's even possible to register \ host such names \ websites, without anyone checking anything in the process. Strange, and destructive.
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: Topdad on 14.05. 2014 13:31
Joe ,well put ,you've got to watch everything ,in the UK I bank online with NATWEST,  one of our bigger banking groups ( read robbers wearing ties ) went online and by mistake missed my usual login address point used another which was so similar it was unbelevable ,after the usual first steps it asked for an account number which isn't normal ,looked very closly and realised it wasn't a natwest site at all but a scam ,I notified the security people at the bank who said it was a very common occurance! so guys I'll add my own warning watch everything and if it don't look right get off the site and report it . I now only buy from companies I know or by paypal  probably someone will now say thats not safe either!
Bill ,had seen reports on that boy , very courageous fellow who wanted just to raise about £30k and do some things on his " bucket list " as you say he touched a nerve with lots of people and raised an enormous amount of cash,  shame it's always the nice guys ! BobH.
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: a10gf on 14.05. 2014 15:05
one of our bigger banking groups ( read robbers wearing ties )
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: derek taylor on 14.05. 2014 19:44
there's a scam that you get on gum tree it's just that they want you to pay through paypal services ie a fake bank account, there's no such thing as paypal services so beware.
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: morris on 14.05. 2014 21:42
Had an e-mail some time ago from so called Apple ITunes saying there was something wrong with my account, and if I would be so kind to reply and fill in my credit card details for verification.....
Scary thing was that it looked so bloody realistic with logo's and all... *eek*
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: a10gf on 16.05. 2014 10:56
ref 'robbers wearing ties' in post above
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: Topdad on 16.05. 2014 12:53
Excellent  *smile* *smile*  BobH
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: bsa-bill on 16.05. 2014 15:45
Nails on heads  *smile*
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: duTch on 17.05. 2014 09:07

 'Fantastic Belstaff Jackets Sale - Belstaff Outlet Online ...'
 Maybe a little topic 'aside' but....

   I've been looking periodically for a new Belstaff Jacket, seems they're not readily available at least in Oz, and have become a 'fashion item'...however- the other day I found a site selling the above....

  Site is identical to Belstaff 'Official', prices look good and there's a huuuge range, but when I went to 'contact us ', all I get is one of those online form things, so I just now sent a request for a phone number to call......could be totally legit, but looks suss- has anyone had any experience with them...?

 Or on the other hand does anyone know of a reliable place to source Belstaff....?

 I'll email Belstaff and see what they say...

Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: a10gf on 17.05. 2014 20:20
^^^  what's the web address ?
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: fringedweller on 17.05. 2014 23:32
 In regards to Belstaff style jackets, Motociclo  (Sydney)sell a jacket which looks very similar. Pit Crew vintage rally jacket, good price and made in Oz.

Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: Brian on 18.05. 2014 00:22
Dutch if you are on facebook give this mob a try.

If not let me know and I will e-mail the owner, I'm pretty sure they sell genuine Belstaff jackets. They are in Adelaide.
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: duTch on 18.05. 2014 08:05
    Thanks guys for the links- I'll check them out...
 I pasted this reply this morning but it didn't stick...!.....
  I copy and pasted both these addresses without the hyperlink box in case there is a bug......

.....and same with the description in previous post
'Fantastic Belstaff Jackets Sale - Belstaff Outlet Online ...'

Web address is ;        (has a 'Contact us' )

 and there's another one above it in the search results:-     (which is identical home page, but no (Contact us' )

 If they're fair dinkum, they're great deals, maybe not the genuine article, but then Belstaff ain't what it used to be neither (now apparently owned and based in Italy, but the quality may have improved..!)

Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: duTch on 18.05. 2014 11:05

  Haha-  as I just punched on those links, I noticed Motociclo- I bought some coils off him last week for my Gutzzi   *smile*
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: a10gf on 18.05. 2014 13:05
Registrant Name:lin huazhen
Registrant Street:xiamenyefengzai
Registrant City:xiamen
Registrant State/Province:fujian
Registrant Country:China
cant' get registrant info
From their Shipping & Returns page:
Shipping & Returns offer worldwide free shipping. lol

'Shops' like this may ship some (dubious quality) goods after getting payed, but 100% fakes\copies (and made from errant dog's skin lol). Probably some hundreds more 'belstaff's out there. It's a mad (web)world. & are for real.
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: duTch on 19.05. 2014 04:11

  About as I thought- so ' ' is likely to be exponentially more dodgy.....?

  'specially when there's spelling and grammar errors.....!
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 23.05. 2014 10:57
The magic tool is

this list the owner of an particular domain name.
It also lists the registered address and the country where it is registered.

One of the down sides of the web is that some one in Upper Nowhereasstan can buy domains in any country in the world.
thus the scammers can end up with ligitermate looking address ,e.g;- or etc etc etc.

I have broadband ( well pretend broadband here in OZ ) and the beauty of this is you get almost unlimited email addresses so I use about 15 or so.
I keep a dummy address that I never check as the contact email for all lists & forums ( like this one ) thus the web bots can only get an email address that I actually do not use.
There is a different one that only ever gets used for Paypal so any message from any one else other than Paypal in this mail box is a scam and obversely any paypal email in any other one is also a scam.
I use a different one exclusively for evilbay, note not the same one as paypal.
There is another for BSA related stuff
One excluseivly for internet banking for my business account ( I do not do electronic banking but do get electronic statements and occasionally check balances ).
Another for my private banking
Another for the credit union.
Another for Rollers & the old wedding car business
Another for the mower repair business.
Another for family contacts
Another from a previous courier contract ( 4 of these )

The beauty of this is most scams are broadcast so when something from the bank I do business with appears, addressed to me personally, in the wrong email in box, it is a scam.
It is amazing how good some of the fake sites are.
If it is an email, try printing it, Some where in the options will be "detailed headder" or something similar. This will add the entire routing as a headder to the email and you then check it out using the "preview" option.
If you see it originated in one country then seems to have bounced around the globe 20 times, it is fake as a real deal will have a single origin and if it is from your bank it will be .
I once had one from which looked light but the check on these is to try,
if there is no web page attached to the URL it is a fake.
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: muskrat on 23.05. 2014 21:24
Crickey Trevor  *eek*, I have trouble keeping two mail accounts. You could get a job at ASIO. *smile*
Title: Re: Internet scams!
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 26.05. 2014 16:48
No, only 1 account, just a dozen different email addresses.
Takes no longer than havine just 1.
just hit the Get mail button and see what pops up in each.
The only real difference is I some times get the same phishing email in all of them.
Mac mail allows either all of them to be listed together or grouped individually according to email address
So it is "down arrow" then either open, trash, or spam.

As for ASIO, ask me that at the rally & I can tell you some funny stories about satchels from overseas going to ASIO.