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Title: Usefull tools
Post by: a101960 on 22.05. 2014 12:41
Just ordered one each of these tools which I thought might be of interest to some of you. A tappet adjusting tool

And a primary chain case cap removing wrench.
Neither of course are "essential must have items", but both will make the tasks that they are designed to do that little bit easier.
Title: Re: Usefull tools
Post by: duTch on 22.05. 2014 13:00

 Nice thought, but neither is any good to me, I have Allen head tappet adjusters and a Hex head Primary cap.....
Title: Re: Usefull tools
Post by: morris on 23.05. 2014 22:37
Another usefull tool to avoid the cush drive massacre I found in the plunger.... *work*
Title: Re: Useful tools
Post by: RichardL on 15.11. 2020 19:15
Don't know why I got to my 16th year of puttering with my BSAs before buying one of these cheap ($55) arbor presses. So far, two bushings easily pressed out. Not to say my bench vise hadn't successfully done the job in the past, but nice to have gravity on my side. (Edit, Clarification: "gravity" for setting up sockets as drifts.)

Richard L.