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Title: Warranty issues
Post by: WozzA on 24.06. 2014 00:39
I'm P!$$ed off today...   My Harley battery finally gave up the ghost.. 
I had to go into Harley Heaven & get a new one..   
& they wouldn't even give me a refund on my original battery...   
I guess I can't complain too much.... it was ONLY 12 years old..    *smile*

Those trickle chargers are worth their weight in GOLD...    *wink2*
Title: Re: Warranty issues
Post by: Topdad on 24.06. 2014 11:26
Thats value for money!! Mines been on the A for 8 yrs and thought I'd have to change 2 years ago but its still hold ing charge so I'll see if I can beat your record wozza, cheers mate and thanks for the continued funnies ,they keep Ian and me in stitches !! Bob
Title: Re: Warranty issues
Post by: duTch on 24.06. 2014 13:16

 geez Wozza, this one'll out last the bike- maybe it'll provide power to the replacement electric motor, just add a redhead... *smile*