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Title: Rocket Goldie spec
Post by: TRIPLET on 12.02. 2009 17:24
    am i correct in thinking that the RGS was available in either touring or clubmans trim,with the clubmans having fork gaiters,chrome headlamp shrouds and standard bars turned upside down?,reason i ask is that many examples i see have clip ons and Goldie headlamp cradle brackets which i am not sure is original or was this an option from BSA?
Title: Re: Rocket Goldie spec
Post by: stratcat on 15.02. 2009 09:14
In Bob Curries book, motorcycles of the 60's there is a road test of a new bog standard RGS. No goldie silencer and the bars where "upside down". The tester actually turned them the right way round as they were too uncomfortable upside down! It had the fork shrouds with "ears" the cradle brackets being an extra cost option.
I pored over that book as a teenager in the 80's. And the rgs was by far my favorite bike in the book (closely followed by the 650ss norton)
Title: Re: Rocket Goldie spec
Post by: a101960 on 15.02. 2009 11:39
The reality is this. It is next to impossible to describe a definitive RGS profile. There were numerous options available and most Rocket Gold Stars were built to order, by that I mean because of all of the different options that were listed a prospective buyer could specify which options his machine was to be fitted with, and it is quite likely that no two machines would have left the factory with exactly the same spec. The BMS Gold Star book incorporates an RGS section with a detailed options list. (April 1962 Parts Service Bulletin No G21 A10 Rocket Gold Star) this contains a list of all of the available options. There are no less than four pages, and certainly far to many to replicate here! In the U.K.the RGS was available as a tourer or in full clubmans spec, and anything else between. Some had rear set foot rests, some had normal foot rests, the RGS is a rivet counters nightmare. Siamese pipes were the norm and they were fitted with a silencer that looked like a standard A10 unit, however the internals were quite different. Twin pipes were an option, as was the "track" silencer. There was the option of steel or ally petrol tanks, and wheel rims, and there were other options for the American market. To attempt to argue about the Rocket Gold Star specification (other than the frame which was unique) is next to impossible because there were so many options available you cannot say with absolute certainty what might or might not have been specified by the original customer. The subject is even more complex due to the fact that the original RGS was not a BSA model. The original Rocket Gold Stars were built to customer order and specification by Eddie Dowe a Gold Star specialist dealer in Banbury Oxfordshire. These original Rocket Goldies were Super Rockets with some Gold Star bits fitted, and some Eddie Dowe fabricated parts fitted. The Dowe Rocket Goldies would have had an A10 frame that was modified by Dowe, because that is what the Super Rocket model was produced with and therefore would not have followed the BSA RGS frame numbering sequence. So not all Rocket Gold Stars can be verified by the DA10R frame identifier, because not all Rocket Gold Stars were built by BSA. In fact it could be argued that the only genuine RGS models are the Eddie Dowe models because without the Dowe RGS it is likely that there would have been no BSA RGS.
Title: Re: Rocket Goldie spec
Post by: TRIPLET on 15.02. 2009 12:32
    thanks for that a101960,that has cleared up a lot of areas for me!.mine is only a replica which i am hoping to pick up in around two weeks and cant wait!.it is a very good replica having Goldie tank,chrono clocks,correct seat,190mm front brake etc and is virtually indistinguishable from the real also has had the correct front four engine mounting lugs fitted and the correct rearset brackets with the hexagon hole plates.i think the engine is also correct as it has HHC stamped under the other numbers.i originally wanted a Goldie but due to the price they are bringing and the usual collection of patern parts "build up" decided to go for the RGS replica,the price i have paid for a really nice machine would have only have bought me a wreck of a Goldie so am quite happy i have made the correct decision.will post some pics when i get it.
Title: Re: Rocket Goldie spec
Post by: a101960 on 15.02. 2009 13:56

Just to make matters more confusing The Super Rocket and the BSA RGS were built at the same time sharing the same engine. The engine number sequence is the same for both models. I have an RGS replica, and superficially it is indistinguishable from the genuine article. The gearbox on mine is fitted with standard ratios, the close ratio box can be a liability in road use, this especially so in built up areas if you get caught up in slow moving traffic. My bike is also fitted with an auto A and R magneto, and is set up in touring mode but is fitted with rear sets. When I bought it, it was in full clubmans trim with ally tank and clip on handle bars. It did not take long for me to discover that as I am no longer a young  man my neck and shoulders were just not going to put up with that mode of riding, so common sense prevailed and I opted for a riding position that was more compatible with my advancing years. I look forward to seeing your bike. I bet the next two weeks are going to be the longest to weeks of your life.
Title: Re: Rocket Goldie spec
Post by: stratcat on 17.02. 2009 20:53
It sounds like a great bike.
It will be much more useable than the goldie anyway ;)
biased, me, nah! *smile*

Can't wait to see the pics!
Title: Re: Rocket Goldie spec
Post by: motoloco on 26.03. 2010 19:53
Hi triplet,I have an rgs replica as well,I am up to 15 mins before i have to get off again,on another point mine is doing 3000 revs to get 45 to 48 mph seems a lot ,i havent taken the chain case off yet to have a peek,interested to here your comments ,motoloco
Title: Re: Rocket Goldie spec
Post by: jfligg on 27.03. 2010 03:11
Hi Guys
             Here is a picture of my Genuine Rocket Goldie.  This photo was taken at our Local summer ralley.  This bike had Clip on bars when I bought it but I converted it to the UK clubmans spec.  I didn't like the feel of riding it with the clip ons.    My bike has the 4 gallon steel tank,rear sets, Siamese exhaust with goldie silencer.  It also has the rrt2 box, alloy rims with 190 mm front brake.  A friend of mine also has a ginuine RGS that is in touring spec.  It has red toolbox and oil tank, a red 4 gallon tank.  It has twin exhaust pipes with burgess mufflers.  It has Alloy Rims with a 190mm brake.  I am not sure of the gear box that is in his bike.  He says his was sold from a Canadian Dealership, whereas mine was originally sold from Prankhurst Ltd. in Wiltshire.   (