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Title: Gerard's bike picture
Post by: Topdad on 24.09. 2014 17:55

Gerard , ouch!!, we have something in common after seeing those pics of your bike ,other than owning a wonderful bike . I to have had the unpleasant experience of hitting something big enough to stop you dead ,in my case the front of a double decker bus ,the result ,very similar to yours ,however, other than 72 stitches I was home the same day.not like your good self . Great that you have been able to put her back together , as I did mine ,only for some toe rag to nick her a couple of years later,seems you can't get the bsa out of us ,best of luck with the carb problem, Bobh
Title: Re: Gerard's bike picture
Post by: muskrat on 24.09. 2014 21:57
Yep, same here. Run up the back of a car at 50mph, 5 ribs & a punctured lung. Almost as much damage as yours Gerard. I'd like a better reason to give her a freshen up.