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Title: BSA Golden Flash 1952
Post by: anjimehra on 23.02. 2009 12:00
Iam a new member & have Mr Earling from Norway to thank for the intro
Iam  restoring a 1952 Flash in Pune. India, which was lying abandoned in the monsoons for 16 years without plugs, oil caps etc??????. Just wonder whether you can help out on a few queries. The machining, reboring etc is all done & I intend assembling in the next few days
1) There dosent appear to be a detachable sludge trap in the crank shaft. Is this OK because my Super Rocket has a detachable trap
2) The external breather out of the crankcase  is missing. Any sketches possible?
3) The original Main roller brg is a Hoffman R 130 L, but I can get only a NJ 206 roller brg. Will this do?
The difference is that the R 130 L has the roller cage fixed on the inner race with a lip on one side on the outer. The NJ 260 has the roller cage fixed on the outer race.
4) permissable end float on gearbox layshaft & thickness of thrust washer behibd 1 st gear
Would appreciate any help.
Anji Mehra
Pune, India
Title: Re: BSA Golden Flash 1952
Post by: RichardL on 23.02. 2009 15:45

Hello, and a very big welcome to the forum. It is excellent to now have a member in India. As I recall, we have had one guest from your country ("fbm") but he never joined. It sounds like you have an excellent project going and I (and, I know, others) are anxious to see photos.

I think I am not the best person to answer your technical questions, as mine is a '55 swing arm
( ). I trust you will get good advice from several of our members with like or similar models. One thing we have in common is long outdoor storage/abandonment before starting the rebuild. In my case, several years outdors in Los Angeles (yes, it does rain there) under a rotten tarp while the barrels were off. The crankcase was full of emulsified oil, stagnant water and rotted leaves. It must have made interesting chemistry, as the crankshaft was presereved therein (though, it has since been reground).

I am guessing that there were a large number of BSAs of all models shipped to India and that there are still many there and running or waiting to run. Oh, to have access to them!


Richard L.
Title: Re: BSA Golden Flash 1952
Post by: anjimehra on 23.02. 2009 17:45
Hi Richard
Very nice hearing from you. Its indeed a pleasure being part of the BSA forum. Iam a long standing hardcore fan of BSA's. When I was studying in UK in the early 60's doing Mechanical engineering I owned a 1961 Super Rocket on which I did 2 major safaris. In 1964 I rode down from UK to Gibraltor & then down to Marakesh from where we rode across the Northern Sahara to Algeria & Tunisia & baxk to UK. Good fun except for the OAS & FLN
In 1965 I rode back to India on the Super Rocket & still have it along with another 30 Vintage & classic bikes. My current ride is a Ariel Square 4.
Anyway, enough of this BS, & looking forward to hearing from you
This Flash was an 18th B'day present to my son way back in 1990 & he has thrashed the bike over the years before abandoning her, albeit reluctantly. Will send some photos tomorrow
Take care. You can access our web site (
Title: Re: BSA Golden Flash 1952
Post by: tombeau on 23.02. 2009 17:59
Hi Anji,
Title: Re: BSA Golden Flash 1952
Post by: dpaddock on 23.02. 2009 19:01
Welcome, Anji.
1) The crank for the 1952 should have a small threaded plug at each end of the crankpin in line with a small hole which acts as the conduit to feed oil from the off-side crankpin to the near-side pin. There is no separate trap as you have in your SR - only the plug cavities and the thru-hole. These need cleaning out before reassembly.
2) There are two pieces to the breather; the rotary valve and a cork spacer. I thought I had a spare valve, but no. C & D Autos in UK is a good source for these bits;
3) I replaced mine with an NF206EEJCN seven years ago; it's working well. Ensure the physical dimensions are identical.
4) Sorry, I have no answers.
Title: Re: BSA Golden Flash 1952
Post by: unclemeat on 23.02. 2009 20:47
NAMASTE ! Cant remember the thickness of the thrust washer behind 1st gear but remember to put it the right way round. There is a chamfer on one side on the inside diameter which must face away from the 1st gear ie.. against the step on the shaft.
Title: Re: BSA Golden Flash 1952
Post by: unclemeat on 23.02. 2009 20:54
Found it !!

See ...
Title: Re: BSA Golden Flash 1952
Post by: anjimehra on 25.02. 2009 07:12
Hi David, uncle , Ian

Thanks for the welcome & help. Much appreciated & will be looking at the gearbox tomorrow.The first gear thrust washer appears to have been replaced by an ordinary washer from some other bike sometime in the dim distant past.There is still a fair amount of end play on the Lay shaft after bolting on the inner cover & Iam wondering if this will make gear selction / retention a problem when the engine is running?

Thanks once again
 Am attaching a photo taken in the Iraqi desert in 1965 on my way back from UK to India on my Super Rocket. Also attaching one on our Ladakh Safari last year
Title: Re: BSA Golden Flash 1952
Post by: anjimehra on 26.02. 2009 05:17
Sorry, the Iraq photo did not upload. Trying again