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Title: A7SS Clutch
Post by: Terryb on 17.02. 2015 10:07
Hi Guy's,

Can any body tell me if you can change out the standard 6 spring clutch on a 1955 A7SS, for a 4 spring clutch from a later model A7/A10? Both clutche assemblies operate a single primary chain.

Cheers Terryb
Title: Re: A7SS Clutch
Post by: Topdad on 17.02. 2015 15:21
Terry , yes you can and as a bonus you'll find a much nicer unit to work on but more importantly the use. You may need a special center adaptor as yours is early s/a but mine fits right on not sure when they are needed and when not .My '59 SSA7 needed one but my present box which I think was B33 doesn't .If you've got  the clutch just try it and if you need one contact the usual culprits ie draganfly ,cake st classics or SRM . Hope thats of help, BobH.
Title: Re: A7SS Clutch
Post by: chaterlea25 on 17.02. 2015 17:27
HI Terry,
Yes, a worthwhile upgrade
You need to carefully check the primary chain alignment, as the depth of the shaft adaptors can vary,
altering the position of the chainwheel *problem*
Plenty of topics on here about the problem

Title: Re: A7SS Clutch
Post by: Terryb on 17.02. 2015 18:32
Thanks for the advice guy's. I have heard of the conversion adaptor, but never thought about the problem with the P/Chain offset. I'll look in ti that one before I purchase a 4 spring clutch assembly. Many thanks.