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Title: Front engine plates
Post by: bigjohn on 09.06. 2015 08:49
Hi all - refitted the engine/gearbox back into my '55 A10 PLUNGER and thought what an easy job it was. That was until I realised that the offside front engine plate will not fit with the engine in the frame!. I have tried jacking up the engine but just ended up scratching my newly painted plates and no joy. So I realise I will probably have to remove the engine again, fit the plates (after I have repainted them) and then refit the engine. However it looks a tricky job inserting the front plates onto the top frame lug, having to pass the lug into and between the very small gap that now exists on the plates, as well as trying to engage the bottom rear mounting pins into the frame holes. I can see I am going to scratch my plates again. Any tips which might help me?


Title: Re: Front engine plates
Post by: Topdad on 09.06. 2015 10:28
Hi John , its a long time since I took an engine out of a plunger but from memory ( which isn't that good )  .Have you got your dynamo fitted and if so is the plate held by the dynamo which makes it hard to fit .Sure I used to remove the dynamo and then line everything up and tighten then refit dynamo . Pretty sure in s/a models without any hassle. There will be a plunger expert along anytime who'll help, cheers Bob.
Title: Re: Front engine plates
Post by: Greybeard on 09.06. 2015 11:24
Sorry John; I don't recall having difficulties with my '55 plunger when refitting the engine. I hope someone here has a better memory than me.
Title: Re: Front engine plates
Post by: duTch on 09.06. 2015 14:24
  Only a couple of years since I did mine, and from memory  *conf*...kinda what  Bob said, but just add the right side plate leave off the left side plate, it goes on easy later...Think that's all. .. I'm on a job, will think about it for a couple of hours. ...
Title: Re: Front engine plates
Post by: bigjohn on 16.06. 2015 08:21
Hi all - managed eventually to get the engine in but it took me about 3 hours juggling it about with a jack and a hoist.
Thanks for all your input.