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Title: bench revolving engine stand
Post by: larryc on 18.06. 2015 11:19
This may have been done before, but I needed to mount my engine on my bench for a strip down. Engine stands are available for around £30. So I decided to make a sturdy revolving one, from some old kitchen worktop I cut a circular 30" dia section and mounted it with a 6" overhang
 on my bench, bolting through the centre with a countersunk bolt. I then drilled 6 evenly spaced peg holes 1" from the edge which lined up with a couple of holes in the bench, this enables it to be 'locked' with steel pegs. to hold the engine I fastened 2 steel brackets (which looked like toilet roll holders) to line up with the engine mounting bolt holes and used threaded bar, nuts and washers to hold the engine.
This was quite successful as I can rotate the engine as needed, it is steady, and when needed one of the bracket bolts can be removed so the engine can be 'tipped' up at either end using a wooden blocks to hold the engine at the 'tipped' angle.
Hope this is useful to someone. Larry.
Title: Re: bench revolving engine stand
Post by: bikerbob on 18.06. 2015 12:09
 I think that is very good idea will keep in mind for the next major strip down so easy to make thanks for posting.
Title: Re: bench revolving engine stand
Post by: Topdad on 18.06. 2015 13:39
Excellent , as my next door neighbour is a wood guru I'll show him and see what he can do, Cheers Larry.