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Title: 8” half width front brake hub
Post by: a101960 on 18.06. 2015 20:00
I am getting my hub ready for powder coating, and I need some information about preparation. Will I need to do the masking off, and if so what is the correct material to this job with, or will the powder coater do this?  I was thinking of using my old bearing lock rings to protect the threads, but it looks like I might have to re-use them. I have searched Ebay for replacement rings but I cannot seem to find anyone selling the correct type. There are lock rings available, and they are described as being suitable for the 8” single sided front brake but crucially they are not slotted to accommodate the split pin locking. Are the split pins absolutely vital? I am assuming that BSA incorporated split pin lock for a very good reason: to prevent the bearing lock rings from spinning undone. What gentlemen are your comments on this topic.
Title: Re: 8” half width front brake hub
Post by: morris on 18.06. 2015 22:44
I don't have the split pin on neither one of the bikes, just a drop of Loctite. Holds well.
You'll need something to protect the threads when powder coating, especially when the hub's going to be sandblasted. Best option would be either a couple of old lock rings, or if you want to re-use the old ones for the split pin slot, get a couple of new ones to keep the threads clear.
The coater can do the masking, but he'll also need to mask off the brake drum surface. Some powder will find it's way in though, so you'll need to get it off afterwards.
I got my hubs painted with an anti rust primer and a two pack end coat. If it's well done, it should resist as good as a powder coating.
Often powder coaters also do regular spraying, and if in business for a longer time the chance will be big that they have done motorcycle work in the past so they should be able to give reliable advise on what's best.
Title: Re: 8” half width front brake hub
Post by: Greybeard on 19.06. 2015 10:09
I made disks out of mild steel held through the hub with thread stock; a large one that covered the brake drum and a smaller one the other side.